College Requirements for Graduation

To fulfill graduation requirements, students must complete 126 credit hours; complete a minimum of 40 hours at the 300 course level or above; complete the College of Communication core requirements (see below for details); complete required courses in the selected major; complete required courses for a second major, or a minor, or 12-hour concentration outside of the primary major; and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

College of Communication Core Requirements

  • COM101, Rhetoric and the American Democratic Tradition
  • SW266-COM, Media Literacy

One course designated Communication and Culture from the list below:

  • CSD338, Language and Culture
  • JR417, Global Media
  • CCM254, Gender and Communication
  • CCM465W, Media and Cultural Criticism
  • CCM376, Film, Culture, and Criticism
  • CCM481, Technologies of the Body
  • CCM468, Women and Rock
  • CCM470, Sports, Media, and Culture
  • CCM330, Representations of Race and Difference
  • CCM420, Queering Film
  • CCM482, Voices of Dissent and Social Change
  • SPM458, Perspectives in Sports media
  • STR405, Global Strategic Communication
  • ORG359, Intercultural Communication
  • JR418, Gender and News: Global Views

Foreign Language Requirement

Students in the College of Communication must demonstrate competence in a foreign language at an intermediate level or above through one of the following:

  • Foreign Language—3 credit hours at a 204 level or above or scoring an intermediate level or above on a proctored exam
  • If there is no appropriate/accessible test through Butler or the Indianapolis-area Consortium for a student who wishes to demonstrate intermediate-level competency, other evidence may be used to establish the student’s competency. These cases are to be settled through the CCOM Dean’s Office and may include consultation with the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.

Foreign language courses are offered at the 100 level for students in need of preparation for more advanced study. Although 100-level courses do not satisfy the foreign language requirement, they do count as credit hours toward the degree. All first-year students must take a placement examination. Further information is available in the Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. American Sign Language (ASL) also fulfills the language requirement. Students should contact the Communication Sciences and Disorders Program for more information about ASL.