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Butler University Bulletin

College of Communication

Fairbanks TV studio


Jay Howard PhD, Acting Dean

Suzanne Reading PhD, Associate Dean


  • Rose G. Campbell, PhD
  • Gary Edgerton, PhD
  • Margaretha Geertsema-Sligh, PhD
  • Suzanne Reading, PhD, CCC-SLP
  • Ann M. Savage, PhD
  • Nancy Whitmore, PhD

Associate Professors

  • Lee Farquhar, PhD
  • Allison Harthcock, PhD
  • Paul Linden, PhD
  • Mark Rademacher, PhD
  • Kristin Swenson, PhD
  • Christine Taylor, MA
  • Kevin Wang, PhD

Assistant Professors

  • Tonya Bergeson-Dana, PhD
  • Lindsay Ems, PhD
  • Tatsiana Karaliova, PhD
  • Abbey Levenshus, PhD
  • Jessica Moore, PhD
  • Ryan Rogers, PhD
  • Sofia Souto, PhD

Senior Clinical Faculty

  • Mary Gospel, PhD, CCC-SLP

Clinical Faculty

  • Ann Bilodeau, MS, CCC-SLP

Professional Practice Faculty

  • Carrie Rector, MS

Visiting Professor Faculty

  • Allan O. Diefendorf, PhD


  • Cutler Armstrong, MS
  • Scott Bridge, MS
  • Janis Crawford, MA
  • Robert E. Norris, MA
  • Armando Pellerano, MS

Multimedia Coordinator

  • Erin Earnest


4600 Sunset Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Phone: 317-940-9625



The College of Communication (CCOM) was founded in 2010 and is currently Butler’s fastest growing college. CCOM features a strong liberal arts foundation, outstanding facilities, and impressive internship opportunities. The College’s faculty and staff are committed to helping students realize their full potential as communicators, journalists, media artists, and, most of all, engaged citizens. All of CCOM’s nine majors blend rigorous curricula with abundant experiential learning opportunities.

The College’s course work is thus theoretical and applied, providing the conceptual grounding for lifelong learning and career success.


The Butler University College of Communication prepares students for success in our digital age and global society. Our curricular structure reflects the centrality of communication as a basic human right in society. Students learn to analyze, synthesize, speak, write, and create meaningful, socially responsible messages across dynamic communication contexts and media platforms. Our innovative, experiential approach to discipline-based education ensures that graduates can excel in their chosen professions or postgraduate study. The strong grounding in liberal arts ensures that our graduates are well prepared for civic engagement and to provide leadership in their careers and communities.