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BU at Work–November 2016

New Core Conversations Open to All Faculty and Staff

The Core Curriculum Department will be hosting a variety of discussions, titled Core Conversations: Cutting Across the Curriculum, open to all faculty and staff throughout the Spring semester. 

The first event, Core Conversations: Creativity in Computation, the Art of Math and Science Across the Curriculum, will take place Monday, November 14, from noon–1:00 PM at AU111

All sessions will occur between noon–1:00 PM and lunch tickets will be provided. 

Upcoming Core Conversations: 

  • November 28, AU111, The Culture of Reading in the Age of TXTS
  • December 12, AU111, Caring about Community: ICR as Complement to CORE Learning
  • February 6, AU111, Civility, Free Speech and Human Rights Across the Curriculum 
  • March 13, AU201, Making Students Safe and Uncomfortable: Thinking Critically Across the Curriculum 
  • March 27, AU111, Celebrate Core Times!