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Butler Institute for Research & Scholarship

Butler University Matching Fund

Each year, Butler University allocates $40,000 to the matching fund, which provides financial support where cash match or cost sharing is required or needed to strengthen grant proposals. At the time of the fund’s establishment, many federal grants required cash match or cost sharing to be considered for funding. Those regulations were eliminated in 2011. However, the University has actively maintained the fund to provide cash match or cost sharing for non-federal grant applications. In 2013, eligible activities were expanded to include “activities that would facilitate or expand sponsor opportunities for research, scholarship, and creative works.”

Eligibility Requirements

Full-time faculty and staff conducting research activities are eligible to submit applications. Adjunct faculty and visiting professors are ineligible.

Qualified requests include:

  • Cash match or cost sharing for grant applications
  • Sponsor-related activities such as travel to meet with program officers at federal and other granting agencies; travel to information sessions for grant opportunities; and travel to regional and national conferences hosted by federal granting agencies
  • Development of grant, research, or scholarly collaborations to include attendance at collaborative meetings with potential partners on externally funded projects; proposal development sessions, for which experts will be contracted to work with Butler faculty to improve proposal submissions; collaborative work on joint-proposal submission at a remote location; and meetings to facilitate dialogue with potential research collaborators.

This fund will not fund the following activities:

  • Professional development opportunities
  • Trainings, workshops, and conferences not directly related to sponsored activities
  • Equipment purchases

Requesting Matching Funds

To request matching funds, submit a written request to the BIRS Director at with the following information.

  • Name of Principal Investigator
  • Project information
  • Project Budget and Budget narrative
  • Matching Fund request amount
  • Justification for Matching Fund request

Please note that the matching fund request should be sent with the External Authorization Form when requesting approval to submit a request for external sponsorship. The BIRS Director will review the request and provide an award notification.