African Studies Minor

Enrich your program by studying one of the world’s most interesting, largest, and most diverse regions! This interdisciplinary minor is grounded in the social sciences and humanities but can encompass the arts, business, communications, education, and the natural and health sciences…


18 semester hours of Africa-focused coursework such as:

  • AN 304, Medical Anthropology
  • AN 380, Medical Technologies, Bodies, Power, and Politics
  • FR 318, Intro to Francophone Cultures
  • HST 381, Environmental History of the Global South
  • IS 470, The Middle East and North Africa
  • IS 470, Islam and Human Rights
  • JR 417, Media, Diversity and Culture in South Africa
  • PO 350, African Politics
  • PO 351, Gender and Sexuality Politics in Africa
  • PO 386, Black Political Thought
  • RL 354, Islam: Religion, Culture, Society
  • RL 368, From Ferguson to Soweto
  • RL 368, Reconciliation, Religion, and Politics

For a description of the above courses, visit the Course Catalog.  


  • Study abroad in Africa and earn credit toward the minor!
  • Learn about Africa in Core Courses such as FYS 101-2 Global Perspectives on Health, GHS 206 Resistance and Reaction: Colonialism and Postcolonialism in Africa and GHS 208 Revolutionary Europe and Colonial Nigeria, and SW 215 Being Human.
  • Study a foreign language widely spoken in Africa such as French or Arabic.
  • Complete an Africa-related internship with the Tutu Center or another organization in Indianapolis, Washington, DC, or in Africa.

Contact Robin L. Turner, Ph.D. for more information:

Jordan Hall, Room 347

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