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Art + Design

Art + Design Internships

Required internships ensure that students graduate with an existing network of contacts. The ratio of art and design firms to students in Indianapolis means more high-level internships experiences are available. While there is a consistent and rich stream of internship opportunities in Indianapolis, students can also choose to do an internship near home or even abroad.

Internships are available in a wide variety of areas including:

  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Art Therapy
  • Marketing & Social Media

A few of the places our students have interned:

  • Indiana Humanities                          
  • Studio Outside the Box
  • TrendyMinds                                                            
  • Lodge Design            
  • Pixel IQ                                                                      
  • Matchbook Creative
  • Fuseworks Studios                                                  
  • Conrad Hotel
  • Indianapolis Monthly Magazine     
  • Butler Web Marketing
  • Astra Creative Photography and Video

What our students say about their internships:

Internships are great because they not only give you a chance to experience art in a professional sense, but they also allow you to apply your knowledge and passion to something more meaningful than a class project. There's nothing more gratifying than seeing your work looking great on display and being seen and used on a daily basis. Astra Creative  allowed me to dip my toes in a small business atmosphere in the photography industry and even I did some graphic design on the side. I used InDesign for design work, worked with Photoshop ('Sticky' plug-in) and used Lightroom for photo editing and album building. Butler Web Marketing allowed me to work for an in-house marketing agency for something I'm already passionate about, Butler. Though we often work in conjunction with print marketing, my immediate co-workers consisted of a group of three amazingly talented people, and a dog (Trip!).  I used Illustrator to designed stickers for Trip's custom dog house, Illustrator and InDesign for Butler Bookstore's Homecoming Coloring Contest, and Photoshop and Illustrator to make memes to encourage people to follow Trip on Instagram. I also used WordPress and Umbraco for web content management and used social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) for our school mascot and Butler University.. - Amber Mills ('14)

Having multiple internships before you graduate are a MUST because it allows you to be so hands on in the field that you will be working in some day. Something interesting about my internship experiences so far is that I was able to make my own unique positions within where I worked. I was never brought on initially for my graphic design skills, but I was able to show them that I was good at that within days of being there. You need to show the skills that you have, even if that isn't what a position is asking for. It is another part of selling yourself and showing your worth to an organization! The more skills that you bring to the table, the more likely you will get the job. - Morgan McFarland ('14)