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Art + Design

Art Program Course Descriptions

ART105, Introduction to Visual Culture

This course provides a survey of art and visual culture from around the world from prehistory to postmodernism. It also presents an introduction to a variety of methods by which art and visual culture are customarily understood. It is designed to explore the relationship between art history and history, and between objects and key episodes in political, social and intellectual history. In course projects students use the medium or media of their choice (traditional or digital). Learn more.

ART107, Line and Value: Drawing + 2d Design

An introduction to the fundamentals of drawing as a medium of expression and an introduction to two-dimensional design. Students learn design principles and an appreciation of the history and practice of drawing and gain knowledge of the transformation of traditional drawing techniques into digital media. Learn more.

ART210, Process: Theory + Practice

An introduction to the intersections of art + design and the processes and professional practices associated with creation, including ideation from materials to concepts and from concepts to materials. Students create a body of work and curate it for display in both a physical exhibition and electronic portfolio, complete with an artist's statement, biography, resume and pricelist. In course projects students use the medium or media of their choice (traditional or digital).  Learn more.

ART303, Contrast: Photography + Digital Manipulation

An exploration of electronic still photography as an art form, including studio photography and conceptual photographic approaches. Digital manipulation using Photoshop and historical photographic sources are also studied. Learn more.

ART304, Depiction: Illustration + Printmaking

An exploration of sequential art, relief printmaking and book illustration methods and practices. The course encompasses the study of techniques used in creating sequential art in genres such as: graphic novels, comic books, comic strips, children's books and storyboards for animation. Students learn Adobe Illustrator in this course. Learn more.

ART305, Time and Motion: Animation + Video

This course explores art forms that have a temporal component, including animation (flash, claymation and stop-motion), digital imaging and video. Learn more.

ART306, Interactive: Digital Art + Web Design

This course is an exploration of art that provokes interaction with audiences, including web and information design and video game design. Students use Dreamweaver and GameSalad in this course. Learn more.

ART308, Structure: Graphic Design + Identity Branding

This course provides an introduction to design concepts from an artistic and structural perspective. Students are introduced to a range of design problems, with an emphasis on the interplay of image, text and creativity. Students develop an understanding of typographic design and interactivity from a graphic design perspective. They also develop client briefs and gain expertise in both vector and bitmap environments, and are exposed to 3-printing for graphic designers and Laser cutting. Students use Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator. Learn more.

ART311, Function: Fashion + Product Design

This course is an exploration product and packaging design. Students learn skills in sewing construction, pattern-making, silk-screen printing, product photography and animation. Students use Sketchup and Blender. Learn more.

ART312, Design: History and Theory

This course provides an introduction to the history of Modern and Postmodern Design. It is expressly designed to explore the relationship between the design disciplines (graphic design, furniture design, architecture, textile design, interior design and fashion), as well as the dialogue between design history and design theory. Design Thinking, Sustainable Design and Experience design are highlighted in course projects. In course projects students us the medium or media of their choice (traditional or digital). Learn more.

ART314, Museum as Theatre

This course considers aesthetic and theoretical issues that cross the boundaries between performance art and museum exhibition spaces. The course is discussion and activity-based and incorporates historical study, direct experience, critical analysis and research at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  Students learn improvisational performance, storytelling, tour design, exhibition design and teamwork. Learn more.

ART315, Postmodernism in the Arts

Introduction to postmodernist theory as it applies to studio art, theater, dance and music.  Postmodern forms of art such as installation, video art, performance art and happenings will be discussed. In projects students use the medium or media of their choice (traditional or digital). Learn more.

ART322, Color: Painting + Color Theory

An introduction to color theory, exploration of painting techniques and media, and an introduction to mixed media approaches, including installation. The class will expose the student to a broad range of ideas and approaches relating to color and the visual arts. Students use the Pantone Matching System and digital color palettes from a variety of software programs including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Learn more.

ART360, Space: Sculpture + 3D Design

The focus of this course is the creation of 3 dimensional works utilizing traditional and nontraditional materials. Discussions, lectures and critiques will explore and emphasize concept, materials, space, form, site, presentation, craft, and context. Students utilize Blender. Learn more.

ART380, 381, 382, Special Topics in Art & Visual Culture

Work in the special seminar will be centered on a specific aspect of studio art, art history, or visual culture. Topics have included Revolution and Gender in Art. Learn more.

ART401, 402, 403, Independent Study: Art + Design

Offers the qualified student the opportunity to pursue a topic of individual interest; students have developed special study in everything from web design, art therapy, museum studies, retail design and marketing, and even study abroad. Learn more.

ART411 Method: Thesis + Exhibition

In this course students create a comprehensive body of work and complete a corresponding research project that places their work into one or more contexts based on media, style or theme. Students learn to make both formal and informal presentations about their work, prepare a career-focused electronic portfolio, artist's statement, bio and resume, and gain networking and interview experience. Learn more.

ART451, 452, 453, Internship

On the job experience or apprenticeship related to the student's interests or degree objectives. Learn more.