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HRC Swimming Pool

Semi-Private Swim Lessons

These lessons allow for two to three individuals per instructor—great for friends wanting to learn to swim together. Lessons are scheduled on an individual basis with the instructor when the Aquatic Center is open. We encourage group members to have the same ability level. Please register with a pre-arranged group (we do not place individuals into groups) and allow 10 business days after registering to have your first lesson scheduled.

Participants must find either a sibling or friend in order to have a semi-private lesson with. The HRC does not provide participants.

*Semi-private lesson registration is closed for the summer. Registration will reopen on Monday, August 20th.

Semi-Private Swim Lesson Rates

HRC Member Cost

  • 8-Lesson Package: $101.00


Non-Member Cost

  • 8-Lesson Package: $126.00

Note: Members include Butler University students and HRC members.

How to Register

Semi-private swim lessons are listed under the "Membership" tab at the top of the registration webpage.

  • Get additional information on creating an ActiveNet account
  • Register now.  
  • Please allow for up to 10 days to schedule lessons
  • *Semi-private lesson registration is closed for the summer. Registration will reopen on Monday, August 20th.


Who can be in a semi-private lesson together?

A semi-private lesson can be with a sibling, a friend, or anyone with whom the participant is comfortable.

Do I have to find another participant to have a semi-private lesson?

Yes, you must find either a sibling or friend to have a semi-private lesson with. One will not be provided.

What if my two kids' ages and/or levels vary greatly, can they still be in the same lesson?

Yes, they can still be in the same lesson. However, parents need to be ok with the children not getting as much in-depth instruction as they would during a lesson where the two abilities of the participants are similar. Our instructors are trained to adjust and adapt their teaching style to the needs to each child regardless of their abilities. 

How many students can be in a semi-private lesson?

The maximum number of participants for a semi-private lesson is three. 

What do I do if I'm running late/need to cancel a lesson?

Contact your instructor by either email or phone to notify them of the tardiness or cancellation. If you cannot reach her/him, please call the Aquatic Center office at 317-940-6107.

If the participant does not notify the instructor of a cancelled lesson one hour prior to the start of the lesson, or is more than 15 minutes late without notification, the lesson is considered fulfilled and will not be rescheduled.