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Academic Program Development and Innovation

Message from the Provost

The Office of Academic Program Development and Innovation (APDI) was launched in October 2016 to provide leadership for the development of innovative and strategic new academic programs, and in particular for the launch and ongoing support for hybrid and online programs. The APDI team works collaboratively with faculty and staff to research, develop and expedite implementation of new programs designed to meet market demand.

—Kate Morris, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Butler University


The APDI group is a wonderful resource for Butler University faculty. They provided me one to one support while I developed a new initiative to provide students information during off campus experiences. They were friendly and willing to work around my schedule to accommodate both planned and last minute needs. Their ability to help me brainstorm and then focus and design new learning opportunities was extremely useful. Thank you!

—Carriann Smith, Professor, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

APDI has proven a crucial partner to Center for Academic Technology (CAT). Their instructional design expertise has been critical to the success of the online teaching program CAT and APDI administer together. In addition to being experts, they are easy to work with and have Butler’s faculty and students best interests at heart. Further, they aren’t afraid to embrace innovative instructional approaches. I wholeheartedly recommend that faculty and academic programs interested in improving instructional effectiveness and student experience in both online or face-to-face courses, seek out consultation with APDI staff.

—Thomas Janke, Director, Center for Academic Technology

The Office of Academic Program Development and Innovation (APDI) has assisted our University in reimaging the delivery of higher education and helped our College expand its curricula to populations of students previously not considered.  APDI engaged our College with early-stage program development and assisted with the implementation and integration of  program operations within the University system.  APDI continues to serve as an available resource to faculty providing best practice suggestions in the online teaching environment.

—Jennifer Snyder, Program Director, Doctor of Medical Science Program, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

In the last few years, the team behind APDI has put together a structured approach to program development that has benefitted many units across the campus. From an enrollment perspective, these initiatives and innovative approaches can be vetted much earlier in a process prior to launch and with a commitment to support.

—Lori Greene, Vice President for Enrollment Management

The APDI provided guidance throughout the entire process of creating a degree. They helped shape appropriate learning objectives, helped us consider proper assurance of learning structures, authored some sections of the proposals, encouraged us as the proposal made its way through the curricular approval process, and finally served as a key liaison between our college and the operations team to prepare the degree program for delivery.

—Craig B. Caldwell, PhD, MBA; Associate Dean, Graduate and Professional Programs; Lacy School of Business