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Washington, DC Alumni Community

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washington dc alumni community chair brett schneiderGreetings Washington, DC Butler Alumni! One of the chief goals for this alumni community is for us to meet more frequently through both formal Butler events and informal ways too. Washington, DC is an eclectic city filled with driven individuals in countless fields and careers. We’re lucky to have so many talented people from our alma mater following their passions and willing to connect with each other and future students. As such, I’d like to invite all of you to join our Washington, DC Butler Alumni Community Group on Facebook here. We intend to reach out to our alumni and supporters through our listserv and via social media to keep you informed of all happenings. Thank you for your time and engagement with our Alumni Community. Go BU!

Brett Schneider ’09, Community Chair


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Men’s Basketball Fan Gatherings

February 9, 2019
Butler at Georgetown pregame brunch & ticket package

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Steering Committee

Community Chair
Brett Schneider ’09

Vice Chair
Kimberlee (Trzeciak) King ’05

Events Chair
Mallory de la Rosa ’09

Communications Chair
Trey Meehan ’14


Abigail Barreto ’04

Brian Biddle ’87

Chris Chapman ’09

Emily Fuchs ’16

Scott Nemeth ’13

Dana Peters ’13

Nick Peters ’13

Emma Salter ’16

Andy Zach ’05