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Why Butler

Graduate Success

Students Celebrating at Commencement

Graduate With Four Years of Experience

Ninety-five percent* of the Butler graduates are employed, attending graduate school, or participating in a gap-year experience within just six months after graduation.

The reason Butler grads are so successful is our dedication to doing things the right way. It’s a fundamental commitment to hands-on learning, a well-rounded liberal arts education, and giving back to the community. These core beliefs are essential to a complete education and they make Bulldogs desirable candidates from the moment they enter the workforce. At Butler, the numbers are just the beginning of our success.

*This information is based on 85% of 2014 graduates. Data is collected up to six months post-graduation from sources including students, employers, faculty, staff, parents, and online. 

2014 Outcomes

Experiential Learning Matters Here

How do we achieve this success? At Butler, we believe there’s no teacher like experience and that hands-on learning is a vital component of a well-rounded education that tests and quizzes alone cannot provide.

These beliefs are at the heart of Butler’s dedication to experiential learning. They are part of everything we do—from Volunteer Programs and the Indianapolis Community Requirement, which give students opportunities to actively engage and serve area communities, to a diverse array of Internship and Practicum experiences that hone students’ ability to be both innovative problem solvers and competent yet compassionate individuals.  In fact, more than 75% of Butler students complete one or more internships for academic credit, and all business students complete two.

For Butler students, experiential learning is everything from fulfilling a core requirement, adding a significant line to one’s resume, and pursuing opportunities to become engaged citizens who know how to work within and contribute to their communities.