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Hey everyone, I am Cathryn. I am going into my 5th year of pharmacy at Butler University. I am also working toward a minor in Science, Technology & Society! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and writing. I've been working on NaNoWriMo and am hoping to be published at some point in the near future as well. Most of the time you can catch me studying in the library or browsing the Internet. Oh, and did I mention that I got married last summer?

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Snow you have disobeyed me for the last time!

A few weeks ago, Butler got a two hour delay on a day I had no classes. The last winter storm was nothing but some rain. And now when we get some legitimate snowfall, it all stops in the middle of the night! COME ON, SATURN.

At least the snow’s pretty.

Except it’s all supposed to melt in the next couple of days. I guess that’s okay–I forgot it was March and oh-em-gee we have Spring Break on Friday. So sunshine and beach towels, ahoy?


Oh, surprise ending–my new phone does not have a potato-grade camera!

Small note: my phone has this photo auto correct that’s making my hair look super weird. I did just dye it on Sunday but it is NOT THAT COLOR.

If I look like a wreck it’s because we’re about to go into a kinetics exam that would ruin the rest of our day.

Worst Blizzard Ever

Two “winter storms” have rolled through, pouring ice over our fair city.

Then temperatures above freezing have just obliterated all sense of urgency about the whole thing and it’s really just not been all that intense.


Just to prove that we leave the house for things other than class/work, we went across the street to Target.

And found these awful decorations.

First of all, that’s a giant “vintage” butterfly plastered onto a lampshade. And apparently anything remotely “vintage” looking can be embroidered onto anything and it can get sold in Targets nationwide. Sigh.

At least Curtis found these amazing Sylvester Stallone-in-the-movie-Cobra(?)-sunglasses.

ALSO my “happy clusters and belated birthday” package of stuff I ordered came today so I’m contented. Now for a long and arduous weekend of staring at my laptop and hoping I can retain at least a shred of information about pharmacy law and oncology.

The latest updates … from Fishers.

Update: I think the snow has started?

Update: I have had all the paraphernalia out to paint my nails for going on 5 days and I have made no gains at actually doing it.

Update: :(

We’re getting closer and closer to mid-semester and it cannot go by fast enough. We’ll be getting our rotations schedules in a matter of weeks. I’m excited but also ready to move on from these classes! I’m behind on lectures (I’m discovering oncology is so not my thing), and I need to get all of my notes together for pharmacy law because that midterm is coming up too.

I always have a rough spring semester! ALWAYS!


YouTube Preview Image

Icepocalypse 2: The Reckoning


Winter Storm Q? As in, the Quartermaster from James Bond?

Just wondering, meteorologists.

The icing began here around 7pm and I had to drive home in it. Luckily nothing was getting too slick yet, but you can never be sure how people are going to react. I wanted to drive as slow as possible, because let’s be real, if my Camry bites it then I’m going to have a hard time commuting to campus.

Fortunately everyone was super cool driving and everyone went slow and carefully. You never know around these parts! Maybe it’s because I’m from Ohio though. :P

According to what I’ve heard, we may get 1-1.5” of ICE and then another couple of inches of snow. I don’t have class tomorrow but Butler is kicking around the idea of a delay. So I’m crossing my fingers for all you people who have class! Me, I’m not leaving my house because I have no less than 5 assignments and a ton of catching up on lectures to do.

Did I mention I’m writing a group paper on fidaxomicin? It’s riveting, let me tell you.

Quote-unquote Blizzard

All we heard about for an entire day was the giiiant blizzard that was going to destroy us all!

Here in Fishers, we got about five inches of snow, but just about anywhere south of here there was a lot more. I was lucky enough to be home during the actual storm (I heard driving conditions were AWFUL), which hit right during the commute. A ton of storms and the malls closed yesterday, too, which I thought was good at least so people could stay home (although I think in a lot of cases employees were at their jobs and told to leave, so… logic.)

Still! It gave me an excuse to wear my new boots and bake cookies.

Not at the same time.

Sorry I took this one from inside the screen door but IT WAS COLD.

It’s not even IMPRESSIVE. Gosh.

Anyway, upcoming plans are to keep seeing a ton of movies. Today we saw Lincoln and tomorrow we’re going to see Django Unchained. Perfect pairing if you ask me.

I was told there would be snow

I’ve been habitually checking the Weather Channel 10-day forecast looking for snow. It’s supposed to happen today what with Winter Storm Draco and all.

The weather alarm even buzzed about high winds and Christmas decorations flying about, but no mention of snow. Yet. The current temperature is 52 degrees. This does not look promising.

Holiday spirit abounds in our household.

We’ve watched It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Elf, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. There is no breaking our Christmas Spirit.

Still dreaming of a white Christmas though. Snow’s in the forecast for tomorrow even though temperatures are going to be above freezing for the next few days. I guess I shouldn’t have asked for snow boots this year, huh?

Loooong week.

This week has just dragged. We didn’t do much for Valentine’s Day because I had class/work all day and I was too exhausted. I also had a test in my STS class so I was too preoccupied with studying to want to go out.

Also my whole diet prevents me from eating chocolate. And those Dunkin’ Donuts heart-shaped donuts, though I longed for one.

I think the weather didn’t help this week either. Let’s review, midwest mild winter:

Monday: 2 inches of snow in the morning

Monday evening: snow melted

Tuesday: Rain

Wednesday: So unremarkable I don’t even remember

Thursday: Torrential downpours in the morning followed by peeks of sunshine followed by overcast and 45 degrees

Just PICK SOMETHING. If you want it to be winter, I am okay with that. I have boots. If it’s going to rain, that’s fine, I have boots. If it’s going to be above forty degrees indefinitely then I NEED A NEW MEDIUM-WEIGHT COAT.

Okay, weather, I expect a declaration of intentions on my desk by tomorrow morning. Just push the old paperwork and empty cans of diet sierra mist aside.

Oh hey I found my camera and there were pictures on it! Imagine that.

Myspace angles. Also don’t be alarmed, those are feathers in my hair. No biggie.

The White Death

I’m not at all up to date on the weather like I usually am. With all of this “mild winter” crud that RUINED CHRISTMAS (not really, Christmas was nice and sunny–but not white), I’ve decided to ignore the weather in peaceful protest.

Until yesterday, when I found out at work through small talk with customers that it was going to snow. With winter being the disappointment it has been, I decided not to get my hopes up. 1-3 inches? More like … rain/snow mix with zero accumulation and highs in the 50s this weekend. PAH!

Eh, well, it looks like winter is definitely upon us.

Luckily, we just got groceries and we’re settling in for some Arrested Development and/or Downton Abbey.

Still talking about the snowstorm.


Butler University is officially a skating rink. Intramural hockey teams will form up tomorrow outside of Jordan Hall at 9 AM. I call playing goalie.


I don’t know who you are, skating man, but I would like to shake your hand. Well played, sir.

Walking to class today even in well-equipped combat boots was quite the challenge. About 10% of the sidewalks have been cleared (and by that I mean, tiny sections have been cleared in an otherwise continuous sheet of ice that has covered all of Butler).

I’m grumpy about going back to class. But I don’t think it’s completely unwarranted.

See, our pharmacy profs decided to use Panapto to record lectures we missed. Others assigned lengthy makeup work and makeup quizzes. Even worse, they gave us all of this to do on Wednesday night, before we went back to school. :(

Additionally, we don’t have a clusters schedule yet. They start on Tuesday. I would like to know how to study please!

Icepacylpse, you’re killin’ me. At least we got this out of it.

YouTube Preview Image


This snowdrift is falsely enlarged due to past snows. but still cool.

Leave house during Icepocalypse. Take pictures next to snowdrifts. Recipe for awesome.

We are lucky enough to have a car between us that’s huge and has 4-wheel drive, which whisked us away to O’Charleys and Target, because we needed to stock up on calories for the long haul and also get some supplies: nail polish and candy. I, personally, bought bubblegum and just remembered I had it. CHEWING NOW. (Probably not good for my occasional jaw soreness, but it’s been behaving itself.)

Oh, also, our waiter at O’Charleys was totally Viggo Mortensen.

I’m not sure what the sidealks look like right now, but yesterday everything was a solid sheet of ice!

Solid ice! Cold winds! Parka!

Luckily, I have combat boots to get me through classes tomorrow.

It’s been an excellent week overall. My compounding lab at 8 AM on Friday got cancelled (EEEE!), and I do, unfortunately, have to go to a make-up lab for Self Care tomorrow. At least they’re taking pity on us and only making it an hour long, and we don’t have to wear professional attire. That would not. be. good.

Clusters are next week! Eeeeek! My birthday is Saturday! YAAAAY! :)