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Hey everyone, I am Cathryn. I am going into my 5th year of pharmacy at Butler University. I am also working toward a minor in Science, Technology & Society! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and writing. I've been working on NaNoWriMo and am hoping to be published at some point in the near future as well. Most of the time you can catch me studying in the library or browsing the Internet. Oh, and did I mention that I got married last summer?

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I am a musical PROPHET!

Remember when I asked for a new Ke$ha album?


YouTube Preview Image

I’m fairly certain Ke$ha doesn’t take herself seriously. At least, not as seriously as Rihanna? That’s all I can ask for.

I really can’t emphasize enough how much I despise turning on the radio anymore. I listen to X-103 and WTTS exclusively now if my iPod is otherwise incapacitated. But every time I turn on a pop station it’s: cruddy Pink, cruddy Adam Levine (WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU, ADAM?), Rihanna, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Fun. (sorry, I just–can’t), sometimes if I’m lucky it’s Cher Lloyd or blast-from-the-past Domino by Jessie Jay, but otherwise… NOISE.


I usually go through phases where the new pop music isn’t doing it for me, but within a few months a few new songs will come out and I’m right back on the pop bandwagon. I mean, my heart and soul is always with rock (see: why I listen to X-103 and WTTS), but I can get into some silly pop music. Nowadays, though, I’ve been waiting and waiting for something good to come out and it’s just the same people coming out with the same-sounding soulless singles.

Argh, you know what? Cleanse your palate.

YouTube Preview Image

I feel better.

More thoughts on The Hunger Games, just because.

I just have lots of things to say right now!

I had to try and articulate just what’s so important about these books and why everyone’s all crazy about them. I think a lot of people sort of write off fandoms like this because they think it’s vapid, or I don’t know, never as good as Harry Potter. Especially with the advent of Twilight, any young adult series that gets any attention is probably regarded as “just another stupid romance book.”

In the case of the Hunger Games, I’ve found that most people start pointing fingers that it’s “the same as that one movie/book/anime.” And that’s fine. If you haven’t read the book and all you know is its synopsis, then yeah, you’ll probably think it’s a straight hack. Well, guess what? Lots of things are reminiscent of previous works. Did you know The Lion King is Hamlet? Do you hate it now?

Anyway, I think The Hunger Games isn’t just some pointless love story. The main character is female and 16/17, so if you’re a 25 year old guy, I don’t really expect you to read the book and find it awe-inspiring (but if you do, yay!). But Katniss is really important as a strong character, especially in the light of a certain someone named Bella.

Katniss does not care what other people think about her. Personally, I care very much about what other people think about me. So I spend too much time on my hair, I buy a lot of makeup, I always want the newest and cutest clothes. Katniss, however, knows what’s important–her family and friends, and self-preservation (because, y’know, she’s under the constant threat of getting killed/starving to death!).

Katniss also has rather low self-esteem for being such an important part in the trilogy. I would say she’s humble, but there are times when she gets down on herself. Watching that struggle is just so interesting to me. I feel like I can relate to that.

And lastly, while the romance plot is central to the trilogy, it isn’t … stupid. Is that descriptive enough? Okay–Katniss isn’t defined by the romances. She is controlled and swayed by them (for self-preservation reasons, I can’t go too far into them without giving anything away), but this is always portrayed as highly negative, confusing, and undesirable. In the beginning, Katniss actually doesn’t want to ever get married or have children (breaking down the gender roles! ish. Don’t call me out on this. gawsh). Any time she’s forced to do something traditionally female (wear dresses, try to be nice and funny and “desirable”), she fails miserably. Because she doesn’t want to be that way, and neither do we if we don’t want to.

This got reallllyyyy long. I’ll leave you with my favorite creepy song from the soundtrack and something pretty from Tumblr.

Vaccine Wars

When I should have been studying, Curtis decided he wanted to watch Frontline’s report on the war on vaccines. As a future healthcare professional, I’m very concerned about the growing opposition to vaccines. While I encourage you to watch the documentary, I’ll give you a break down of what I learned.

The original study published in 1998 was retracted by the journal that published it. To summarize, Dr. Wakefield, a British GI doctor, tried to study a correlation between young children with ulcerative colitis and the effects of administering a vaccine. His study reported that the children experienced developmental problems after receiving vaccines. This sparked a controversy–with the rise of autism and no known cause, many parents were eager to point fingers and find a concrete cause for their child’s autism.

The problem is, Dr. Wakefield was paid off by lawyers hired by the parents of the kids in the study. The parents were ready to sue pharmaceutical companies for the vaccines that they thought caused autism. Dr. Wakefield was paid to show a correlation between vaccines and autism so the lawyers could win their case. The study itself had some outrageously bad science behind it, so The Lancet retracted the publication in 2003.

But the damage had already been done. Measles outbreaks are occurring right here in the states. Despite the reassurance that vaccines are safe, despite the fact that the producers of vaccines were ordered to remove the mercurial content from the adjuvants (which was not shown to cause any large scale side effects, mind you), parents are still afraid to vaccinate their kids.

I’m going to digress for a moment and quickly discuss the difference between the scientific findings of “correlation” and “causation.” A correlation may mean nothing at all. When people say “there is a correlation between vaccines and autism,” this does not mean “vaccines cause autism.” There are many other circumstances that cause autism–possibly genetics, environmental factors, and a number of other things. A correlation can be used in this way to: “When I drive to work, the sun comes up.” These two events are related due to the circumstance that I drive to work in the morning around the time the sun comes up. The sun does not come up AS A RESULT (causation) of my driving to work. That is, if I didn’t drive to work, the sun will not come up.

Moving on. Danish researchers crunched all of the health data they have to find numbers that falsified the idea that autism is caused by vaccines. Turns out, it doesn’t matter if a child is vaccinated or not–the frequency of autism is the same. Opponents still argued, however, and one of their arguments is that the MMR vaccine (preventing against measles, mumps, and rubella) was “too much at once,” leading to marked regression in their children’s behavior and development. Japan decided to ban the MMR vaccine and instead administer those immunities as separate shots. Nothing changed.

The facts are there. No one wants to listen, and unfortunately, I don’t think American could swing mandatory vaccinations because it would be seen as too Orwellian. At any rate, I leave you with this clip from the Frontline special–a public health worker talking with anti-vaccine mothers, whose selfishness for themselves and their children will put other children at risk for infection and, possibly, death.

YouTube Preview Image

Barf, misinformed and blind mothers.


This is an emergency.

So the Zodiac changed, right? I thought, “HEY! I don’t give a hoot! Mine probably didn’t even change anyway!”

One day, you wake up an Aquarious, and the next, you’re a Capricorn.

But I think I should look at the positives of this, and not the negatives–like how the “Age of Aquarious” can no longer be my theme song, and Weird Al’s horoscopes song for Aquarious can no longer inspire me.


A travel is in your future when your tongue freezes to the back of a speeding bus. Fill that void in your pathetic life by playing whack-a-mole 17 hours a day.


But look. Capricorns are cool, I guess. Their symbol is a giant goat with a mermaid tail, which gives us the best of both worlds: the petting zoo and mythological sea creatures. These are things I can really get behind and support.

Aquarious is represented by somebody dumping water out of a ceramic pot. That’s really wasteful, guys. I’m glad this goatmaid’s got my back and respects the environment.


I really talked myself into the goatmaid…

I'll call him George and I will hug him and squeeze him and never let him go!

Songs I hate right now

This will be a fun post. It’s all because the CD player in my car has been misbehaving and skips with every tiny bump I hit. So I’ve been subjected to the radio.

While I enjoy talking about things I … enjoy, let’s talk about stuff I hate.

Bruno Mars. Who does he think he is? “Girl you’re amazing just the way you are.” “If perfect’s what your searching for than just say the same.” Did you get those lines from a Harlequin novel?

And further more: “I’d catch a grenade for you / … Yes, I would die for you, baby.” Okay but would you? Considering the entire chorus of the song is some masochistic proclamation of love, I don’t think it’s a figure of speech. You would literally stop in front of a speeding train for me, the hypothetical object of affection in your song.

I would not catch a grenade for Curtis. Do you know why? One, it would hurt. Two, I would get blown up, and splatter all over him. That’s just rude. Plus, if I was really catching a grenade for him, wouldn’t he be standing somewhere in the vicinity to also get blown up?

I digress.

Rihanna and Eminem. Just stop. You’re strange, mixed messages about domestic violence are both confusing and disturbing. Additionally, the chorus of the song is annoying as snot, and I’d prefer not to hear it on the radio anymore.

B.O.B. and Hayley Williams. You two need to stop pretending that are planes are like shooting stars. How can something pretend to be LIKE something? If you’re pretending, you’re already creating that simile. Get it? Take that unnecessary “like” out. Oh, and get off of the radio.

Ke$ha. Okay, honestly, just keep doing what you’re doing. I can’t even pretend like I hate it. Pretend. Like.

You look.... great. Just. Just stay on the radio.

Bruce Springsteen can write music. Just sayin’.

Show a little faith, there’s magic in the night / You ain’t a beauty, but hey, you’re all right.

See, Bruno? I’m still swooned by “Thunder Road” and I didn’t need to hear your fluffy lies.

Is it Thanksgiving break yet?

I have been running around for two weeks straight, and I can’t even pinpoint why, exactly, I’ve been so busy. All I can say is that I haven’t had time to study or blog. These are major problems, people.

Here’s a few things I’ve been doing.

Interning at K-Mart. It’s unpaid and it’s basically the same as working at Cookies by Design, and not to knock too hard on retail pharmacy, but I am not going to school for 6 years to work at Cookies by Design. I did that in high school and I ate a lot of cookies. It wasn’t good. On the bright side, the pharmacist I work with is really great, and most of the customers are exponentially nicer than the jerks who called Cookies. I am at least learning that retail pharmacy is not the place for me. 100 unpaid hours has taught me that.


The next topic, which I will admit isn’t time consuming considering that we don’t meet every week, is my friend Spencer’s Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Yeah, that’s right. I play Dungeons and Dragons. And I LIKE IT. The basic gist of the story right now is that our characters are riding a steamboat up a river to deliver a mysterious package. I’m hoping this turns into Heart of Darkness or Apocalypse Now. Either one is fine with me. Pirates keep attacking, which is a good start!

So aside from interning and being a huge nerd, it was also parents weekend! We demanded that all of our parents come up and then we made them dinner.

Aw man. I don’t have pictures yet for that. PICTURES LATER THEN. But the menu was (all made from scratch): tiny pizzas, chicken and ricotta-stuffed pasta, tomato sauce, strawberry ice cream, and triple chocolate cookies. More on that later when pictures are available.

Last on my List of Things that Keep Me from Doing Other Things, my Dell’s shift key is officially haywire, causing me to type without caps and effectively ruffling my feathers. Grr. OneNote, luckily, will capitalize the beginning of every new line for me, but the rest is up to me to hit the Shift key in its sweet spot to make it work.

I know, I know. I need to take my computer to IT. I just don’t feel like it. EPITOME OF LAZINESS.


SGA hosts movies every Friday and Saturday night on campus. The  movies are really awesome–ones that just came out of theaters and aren’t on DVD yet. So far this year, I’ve seen Toy Story 3 and Get Him to the Greek. It’s free and way better than paying $10 at the movie theater. :)

This past weekend was Twilight: Eclipse. That’s the most recent Twilight movie title, right? Whatever.


Now that we’re all here. A review of Twilight: Eclipse.

When I was in 6th grade, I used to write stories in screenplay format. I think that these sub-par .txt files were lost on my ancient Geocities account, uncovered by the producers of Twilight, and adapted for film. In short: I’m pretty sure a 12 year old wrote the script.

Let’s examine this riveting scene between Bella, the protagonist, and Jacob, the shirtless wonder.

Jacob: [on Bella being turned into a vampire] I would rather you be DEAD than turn into one of those blood suckers!

[Thirty seconds of reaction shots filled with furrowed brows and lip-biting follows.]

Bella: … I can’t believe you said that.

This prompted a loud, unnecessary guffaw from me that no one else in the room appreciated. The profound nature of the struggle between Edward and Jacob’s love for Bella nearly moved me to tears.

Edward: You’ll never love Bella like I do!

Jacob: … You’re wrong.

Clarification: tears of laughter. The overall movie was boring as snot, mostly comprising of redundant scenes of Bella and Edward discussing marriage and arguing, and then Jacob coming in and Edward pointing out that he never wears shirts. The other 30% of the movie was major discussion about a gathering vampire army with very little fruition of its touted danger. The last 0.5% was wrapping up an actual plot from the first movie. I thought the anti-climactic, nearly no-score Word Cup final between Netherlands and Spain was more exciting. At least there was more action.

Let me step back for a moment. I have not read the books. I have considered reading the books because, like the true scientist I am, it is best to have first-hand research before forming an opinion. At the very least, I have sufficient data from trusted colleagues who say: “The story is addicting but the writing is atrocious.”

If it’s some consolation, Twilight gives me hope that my slightly-better-than-atrocious writing could one day be published in young adult fiction. I mean, really. If a farce of a vampire love story can yield a multi-million dollar film franchise, maybe I can earn enough money with my action/adventure dystopia to buy a Segway. I really want a Dodge Challenger. But I won’t get full of myself.

PS – Charlie is my favorite character.