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Hey everyone, I am Cathryn. I am going into my 5th year of pharmacy at Butler University. I am also working toward a minor in Science, Technology & Society! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and writing. I've been working on NaNoWriMo and am hoping to be published at some point in the near future as well. Most of the time you can catch me studying in the library or browsing the Internet. Oh, and did I mention that I got married last summer?

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In my state of hermit zen I have not gone out unless it was super important, and that means I haven’t had too much trouble with shopping crowds. I was lucky enough to not have to leave during our “blizzard” the day after Christmas, which also meant I was skipping out on all of the wild and crazy post-Christmas sales.

I have to grind my teeth a bit when all of the commercials push more and more shopping after we’re all reeling from the holiday shopping. But fine!

I will say I do partake in my favorite pastime, which is waiting for all the Christmas stuff to go on super sale and buying everything I need for the following year. There’s usually only a few things we have to get before Christmas that we have to get at full price (like lights!), but the rest I like to wait and see how cheap we can get.

Like today at Target, we got gift bags for like twenty five cents each. And I bought a desktop light up dove for five bucks. We also got a zillion yards of gaudy tinsel for a dollar a piece.

I named it Helga.

So bottom line, treat yourself to some Christmas stuff because it’s amaaazingly cheap right now. And next year you’ll be like “I’m so glad I got this!” TRUST ME. :D

Roll out the holly!

That song is annoying BUT SO CATCHY.

I’m quite in awe that Christmas has come and gone. It didn’t feel like Christmas, especially with our first snow coming so close to the day (and after, really).

At least we put up lights.

And good spirits.

All of our family is back in Cincinnati so we went to see them, if only for a day and a half since Curtis had to work back here. But it was so good to see all of our extended families that we never get to see! I would say our Christmas went without a hitch were it not for exploding tires, but, what can you do? ;)

There’s not much to say for what we got. Really it was time with our families, things for the apartment, clothes–oh, and Forza 4.

If you’ve never watched Top Gear, that would be Jeremy Clarkson narrating. Also the game and Top Gear have a lot more racing cars and, well, shouting.

How to change a tire

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday! We certainly did! We were making a quick getaway from Cincinnati with our loot when our tire blew out on I-74.

…and it was terrifying.

I’m one of those “worst case scenario” people. The minute we’ve pulled off on a highway–on Christmas day when people are fleeing to their homes in the wake of a ginormous blizzard–I thought we were going to get chopped up by an ax murderer. I didn’t have to be logical at the time.

The sound the tire made was a strange one, and at first I thought (and this is from driving a car that made weird noises for years) it was a normal sound, until the car lurched and the flat started slapping the pavement.

BUT! We survived okay, and Curtis took charge and changed the tire! People were really mad about us driving 55mph on a 70mph highway but there was literally no other way for us to get home on the donut!

I would have taken a picture of our misery if it was prudent and if my blood pressure wasn’t around 200/100.

Sidenote: Please make sure you have a nice emergency kit in your car. We didn’t have so much as a flashlight and I had to download an app onto my phone mid-car jack assembly.

I was told there would be snow

I’ve been habitually checking the Weather Channel 10-day forecast looking for snow. It’s supposed to happen today what with Winter Storm Draco and all.

The weather alarm even buzzed about high winds and Christmas decorations flying about, but no mention of snow. Yet. The current temperature is 52 degrees. This does not look promising.

Holiday spirit abounds in our household.

We’ve watched It’s a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, Elf, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. There is no breaking our Christmas Spirit.

Still dreaming of a white Christmas though. Snow’s in the forecast for tomorrow even though temperatures are going to be above freezing for the next few days. I guess I shouldn’t have asked for snow boots this year, huh?

It’s not time for Christmas music. YET.

Sooo due to inclement (read: HOT) weather, I haven’t really been listening to Christmas music. :(

SO INSTEAD I will share with you my favorite songs of the moment!

Gaslight Anthem – National Anthem. This is from their most recent album, Handwritten, which I’m obsessed with. You know what? You need to see the music video for Handwritten.

YouTube Preview Image

I can’t preface those songs anymore. They’re just excellent.

The Killers – Heart of a Girl. I’ve got some really laid back tracks this time around, geez. Well, this song is just sweet and I like it. :)

I’ve been listening to albums off of The Rolling Stone’s Top 50. My top picks of artists so far off of it: Best Coast, Divine Fits, and Hospitality. I haven’t had a chance to delve too deeply into the rest, but I imagine with hours and hours of studying ahead of me, I’ll get there.

Oh, and if you’re still itching for Christmas:

YouTube Preview Image

Ella Fitzgerald – Sleigh Ride. Perfection.

Vince Guaraldi – The Christmas Song. This entire album is by far one of the greatest holiday classics … ever. And this song in particular is just so bittersweet and perfect and GAH. I love it.

The longest week ever

The week before Thanksgiving break is the longest week ever. You might think finals week is the longest week ever, and that’s fine, but I contend that it is this one. Thanksgiving break is the harbinger of the end of the semester–everything’s downhill once you get back.

It’s the getting to break that’s hard. I, for one, had a presentation last week, another presentation this week, a test, and also a quiz on Friday. Not to mention a 2-hour PDA lecture on Friday starting at 8AM. Oh, cruel world!

Luckily, the presentation went well! At least that’s over. And it’s Thursday, which means in a little over 24 hours, it will not only be the weekend–but also Thanksgiving break!

I’m realizing now that we’re well-past the halfway point of November. I don’t think I can handle it being December yet. I’m not even halfway done with my NaNoWriMo. I’m in biiig trouble!

Shssh. I’m just going to listen to Christmas music. It’ll be okay.

I own this album and, yes, it’s amazing.

The executive decision to listen to Christmas music

Ever since pharmacy school, the Appropriate Time to listen to Christmas music (after Thanksgiving-beyond) has been marred by a rush of clusters and finals. We have clusters the first week back from break, a week of classes, and then finals. It is not a time to feel happy and joyful in the season of giving. It is a time of no sleep, catatonia, and junk food.

I made the executive decision to listen to Christmas music early this year. Because I want to enjoy it. A month just isn’t long enough when 3 weeks of it is squandered on the panic of the end of the semester.

To my delight, I discovered today on Spotify that ZOOEY DESCHANEL HAS A CHRISTMAS ALBUM.

It's beautiful.

It’s so good I’m going to buy it. Then one day, I might get the CD player fixed in my car so I can blast it on Binford Blvd as I tend to do with all music I like.

I know it’s not Halloween yet and some of you may see me as a heretic, but I can’t tell you how good her version of The Christmas Waltz is. It just is.

10 Reasons I’m not doing Black Friday

First of all, it’s my brother’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JONATHAN!

Second of all, I just realized when I do these blitzkrieg posts, I utterly SPAM the gobutleru Twitter with my drivel. I’m oddly proud.

Right, top 10 why I’m not doing Black Friday.

10. I need my sleep.

9. I have no money.

8. It’s snowing, I think. And if it’s snowing, that means the 3 inches of rain we just got are making the roads ice-skating rinks.

7. Wal-Mart had a Ronco knife set on sale, online only, from 5am to 11am this morning. It was $20. That beats getting in my car and fighting people to get a knife set, which I guess would actually be pretty cool. So that was my Black Friday purchase this morning… on Thanksgiving.

6. Tryptophan. I am not wrestling a soccer mom for BOGO juniors sweaters at Macy’s after a 1,000 calorie meal. Not enough coffee in the world could motivate me for sweaters at 4 AM.

5. Getting trampled. I don’t want to get trampled.

4. Clusters are next week and I can’t sustain a head injury.

3. I haven’t put together my Christmas gift list for people. No point in buying things if I don’t know what I’m buying.

2. I can’t be bothered getting dressed and going out in–oh–an hour and a half from now.

1. Mom and I are going to work out at the rec center tomorrow. I’m going to run so far and so fast that I’ll get immediately (and illegally) drafted into the Bengals. Because they play like girls. EYOH!!

I love you, crazy Target lady!

Sooo yeah. Not doing Black Friday. Never have done it, and I’m not starting this year. I just heard a car going up the street and I bet they’re going to Target.