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Hey everyone, I am Cathryn. I am going into my 5th year of pharmacy at Butler University. I am also working toward a minor in Science, Technology & Society! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and writing. I've been working on NaNoWriMo and am hoping to be published at some point in the near future as well. Most of the time you can catch me studying in the library or browsing the Internet. Oh, and did I mention that I got married last summer?

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Archive: November 2012

The Late Night Routine


Normally when I have exams, I plan out my study schedule so I can be in bed with a reasonable 6+ hours of sleep. This set of exams kind of creeped up me in that the more I studied, the less prepared I felt, so the more I had to study. So that cut into my sleep time. I’ve also been spending lots of time holing up on campus in various rooms I never knew existed, and some rooms that have changed drastically since I last had classes in them.

Yeah the last time I checked there weren’t skeletons and a row of butts in the lab on the 3rd floor. SURPRISE!

There’s something weird about being on campus past 10PM too. During clusters week, you’re not alone. In fact it’s completely normal. Walking down the halls, you can hear people in rooms giggling (at notes? hardly), and there’s a feeling of camaraderie. Or at least resignation to the fact that we all procrastinated this hard that we have to hole up together on campus at odd hours of the night.

My sleep schedule is so weird right now, it feels like it’s supposed to be 8PM but it’s… not. And last night at midnight it felt like 8PM. I need to just push a reset button this weekend!

(PS there’s a lot of BUPD around campus late at night too! We should all pool our money and order like 50 pizzas, gosh.)

The Testing

It’s clusters week.

I’ve averaged 8 hours of sleep in the past two days.

I am cramming for therapeutics tomorrow which got scheduled at EIGHT IN THE FREAKIN’ MORNING. Then I have to write my philosophy paper in a week.

I’ve gotten through two out of three tests though–PDA (which is our pharmacology and medicinal chemistry class) and kinetics (which is math and sadness).

So it’s aaalmost the weekend! I have to go to my philosophy class tonight which means reading about social constructivism and trying to look alive and not like I’ve been living off of Mountain Dew and fast food (which I have). Yesterday I got a Snickers bar and a Mountain Dew out of a vending machine without really thinking about it (I never eat like this!) and I was like “oh my. this is how type 2 diabetes happens. It’s going on RIGHT NOW.”

But I need the caffeine and sugar for my brain. :( I should really go home and eat some vegetables, shouldn’t I?

What time is it?!

One… in the morning. Okay.

So it’s Monday Tuesday. It was Monday until an hour ago. Monday after break is just rough. My first class this morning was at 8AM, which meant leaving by 7AM to beat the traffic (spoiler alert: no one went to work this morning so there was NO TRAFFIC). I had to watch this on an endless loop just to feign happiness.


So I have cluster exams starting Wednesday. And a 2,000 word paper due next Friday. THEN FINALS. These 3 weeks are full of doom. I have done no such things related to “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” or “Christmas shopping.” Instead I have been studying and I’m about at this point right here.

…which is bad because I have 7 tests and a paper before I can call it quits for the semester.

I need to get back to studying flashcards! NO SLEEP TIL BROOKLYN I LEARN ALL THE ALKYLATING AGENTS.

Givin’ Thaaanks

…and taking names.

Sorry it’s been Radio Silence on the Cathryn Channel. I wish I could say I was doing terribly interesting things. Well, hold on. It’s the Internet and none of you can find me.

So I’ve spent the past two weeks on a soul journey, riding a Harley across the colorful American landscape of broken dreams and I met an ex-con named Spike in Tuscan who hand knits baby afghans.

Just kidding, I’ve been making medchem flashcard sets and drinking coffee. And hosting Thanksgiving!

Christmas lights/kitchen lights do not make good photograph lights. :P

My novel has come to a grinding halt, although I’ve got a good direction for finishing it and I’m hoping to get it done by the end of the year! Although I just did the calculations, and instead of the NaNoWriMo 1,667 words/day, I still need to write 1,100 words/day to get it done by the end of the year. …. Dang it. Well, I’ll figure something out.

Vlog 2: Pinterest and Pneumonia!

I bet you’ve never seen THOSE two things together before!

YouTube Preview Image




I made the imponderable decision to do National Novel Writing Month this year. Sort of. I say that every year. I at least made the effort to start a novel that I’ve been wanting to start for months and months now. I usually write these scifi epics and this one’s been festering in my head for a while–it’s actually about college life and it’s a little less intimidating. And I’m having a lot of fun writing it. I don’t have to make up new vehicles and new environments and why the world is post-apocalyptic. So that’s easy!

I haven’t worked on it all week. Busy busy. With the elections and having to catch up on schoolwork I haven’t had time to do any sort of writing or thinking. But I’ve read some really good tips on various Tumblrs that I started following, so I’m hopeful if I can sit down on Sunday or tonight and do some marathon studying/writing I can at least hit 10,000 words this weekend.

Yeeeaahhh my NaNo tracking Excel doc looks really sad. But I’m proud of my novel Tumblr because I found a hilarious Parks and Rec quote! It’s perfect for my novel. ;)


Have you heard about Movember?

The word makes me think of some kind of bulldozer or small construction vehicle but it has to do with mustaches and men’s health. SURPRISE.

Every November, guys (and girls? mostly guys!) grow mustaches to raise money for men’s health, specifically for prostate and testicular cancer. These cancers have a huge prevalence in the population. Why don’t they have as big of an awareness campaign as breast cancer?

It’s an interesting question, and that’s why there are movements like Movember! My husband Curtis is very passionate about men’s health as a social worker.

I’ll just let Curtis play us off with his statement!

Men’s health is an important issue for me. This summer I had the unique opportunity to co-facilitate a men’s issues group at a residential facility. What I learned from this opportunity I carry with me not only in my heart, but on my upper lip. This moustache symbolizes to me how much men’s physical and mental health are bound together. Thank you for your continued support!

Please visit his website!! Thanks for reading! :)


This is my first super official vlog!! It’s SUPER OFFICIAL because it’s on Butler’s SUPER OFFICIAL Youtube channel! And I’m terrified. Hold me.

YouTube Preview Image

Hope you like it! I have more planned. Get exciteeed.

Election Fallout

The past few days have just been…. glorious.

First of all, election day, I had election day themed nails.


I blasted Born in the USA and Fight for Your Right to Party and glared at any car that touted bumper stickers which put down equal rights. I was wearing an all red white and blue outfit too. BECAUSE ELECTION DAY.

(Side note: Born in the USA isn’t a patriotic song. Please check the lyrics. DISPARITIES.)

The exact moment we heard President Obama got reelected, we happened to have FoxNews on because NBC had local TV on.


Anyway, the fallout from the election is best followed not in online news articles but in their comments sections. I’m sure your social media feeds have been direct insight into reactions to the election. My feeds have been surprisingly quiet with the occasional “RIP America” and “I’m moving to (insert paradoxically more liberal country here)”.

The rhetoric and attitudes in America need to change if we’re ever going to cross this “fiscal cliff,” if we’re ever going to make more gains toward social justice (although we made some huge gains for gay and women’s rights on Tuesday night! See: here, here, and here), if we’re ever actually going to move forward. We have to work together and calling each other childish names on the Internet, to each other’s faces, and in the media, is not going to get us there.

Final Countdown

I couldn’t help but turn on President Obama’s stop in Madison, WI this morning with none other than Bruce freakin’ Springsteen.

Watching it streaming on my computer wasn’t like the real thing but it was PRETTY CLOSE.

There are a lot of important issues at stake here. I know my future will depend a lot on how this election will go. Recently, I’ve been pondering the idea of working as a pharmacist commissioned by the Federal government to work in public health. I care deeply for the health disparities in this country and I care when policies threaten to take choices away from individuals (namely, women).

That said, health is a right that should be protected and not at the discretion of who can profit from it. It’s not a privilege or something companies should withhold as a bargaining chip. It’s complicated and there’s no good solution, but we have to start with the basics. And it’s the right to healthcare.

I’ve got a lot of feels about this election and I hope you all are registered and have either already voted or are ready and excited to vote tomorrow. Check out your polling location and GET OUT THERE! I sent my absentee ballot into my swing state of Ohio a couple of weeks ago and it was such a treat to look at all the issues and candidates and take part in our wonderful democracy.

Like The Boss said, let’s carry the country forward to “a standard where nobody crowds you, and nobody goes it alone.”