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Hey everyone, I am Cathryn. I am going into my 5th year of pharmacy at Butler University. I am also working toward a minor in Science, Technology & Society! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and writing. I've been working on NaNoWriMo and am hoping to be published at some point in the near future as well. Most of the time you can catch me studying in the library or browsing the Internet. Oh, and did I mention that I got married last summer?

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Archive: February 2012

Another week gone by

I feel like we’re living in a weird time warp where winter just never happened.

February ends next week. It’s already practically Friday. I swear, I need 2 extra hours in every day–and no, I won’t forfeit sleep for extra time, I want magical rearrangement of the solar system for more hours in a day. Oh, heck, I’ll just move to Mars. That’s the same thing right?

At least the weather has been behaving.

There is a lull right now in the frantic studying. Clusters are 2 weeks away. That means that spring break is 2 weeks away and I cannot be more excited. I also can’t emphasize enough how quickly this semester is flying by!

This summer (why am I thinking about summer?) I will be doing 2 internships, one at a community retail pharmacy and one at a hospital. I should find out about those faaairly soon. I’m excited to break out of my normal routine at Marsh, but then again I’m comfortable in my store and if I get put in a place that does 400 scripts/day I might scream. But it’s only for two weeks so I should survive.

That’s my update! I made a mug brownie with truvia and almond flour instead of flour and real sugar. With just cocoa powder, milk, and canola oil as the other ingredients, I’d say I had a Diet Dessert Success.

Current musical obsessions

I have a lot to talk about tonight!

Okay, several songs. Two good, two guilty pleasures.

1) Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal. I had to kind of acquire a taste for Fleet Foxes, I think starting with their “Helplessness Blues.” Now I can’t stop listening to them! As far as these laid back alternative bands go, they’ve been around for a while and I’m just slow on the uptake. Their self-titled album is beautiful. Very relaxing and perfect to calm you down with this crazy stupid weather we’re having.

2) Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks. I was listening to 92.3 wtts’s New Music Monday and this song came on. I can’t begin to describe how much joy it brings. I love duets! The song is upbeat and fun. Makes me want spring though.

3) Jessie J – Domino. If you were around me when Jessie J’s first song, Pricetag, came on the radio, I probably couldn’t stop myself from complaining about its preachy premise for three times the length of the actual song. When I heard this was her new single, I didn’t give it a chance and changed the channel when it started. But one day I switched it on mid-song and did a double take. Katy Perry, the British edition!? Sure I’ll take it. If you like pop but haven’t given this a listen yet, do so. It’s a fun song. (Give it to 0:40 for the bridge.)

4) Selena Gomes – Love You like a Love Song. It’s a little silly, but you can’t deny Selena’s excellent voice, the retro disco beat, and the fact that Disney actually groomed a wonderful young lady that’s fun to listen to. I crank this song every time it comes on the radio.

I have about a million other songs I’m really into, but these are the selections you get for now. ;)

Loooong week.

This week has just dragged. We didn’t do much for Valentine’s Day because I had class/work all day and I was too exhausted. I also had a test in my STS class so I was too preoccupied with studying to want to go out.

Also my whole diet prevents me from eating chocolate. And those Dunkin’ Donuts heart-shaped donuts, though I longed for one.

I think the weather didn’t help this week either. Let’s review, midwest mild winter:

Monday: 2 inches of snow in the morning

Monday evening: snow melted

Tuesday: Rain

Wednesday: So unremarkable I don’t even remember

Thursday: Torrential downpours in the morning followed by peeks of sunshine followed by overcast and 45 degrees

Just PICK SOMETHING. If you want it to be winter, I am okay with that. I have boots. If it’s going to rain, that’s fine, I have boots. If it’s going to be above forty degrees indefinitely then I NEED A NEW MEDIUM-WEIGHT COAT.

Okay, weather, I expect a declaration of intentions on my desk by tomorrow morning. Just push the old paperwork and empty cans of diet sierra mist aside.

Oh hey I found my camera and there were pictures on it! Imagine that.

Myspace angles. Also don’t be alarmed, those are feathers in my hair. No biggie.


You know how my friend Ashley cut my hair on New Year’s Eve? Well it was already time for another trim!

I kept dreading about where to go to get it done. I don’t like spending more than $30 just to get a cut, and more importantly, I don’t like small talk. I just don’t. I’m an introvert and I’d rather space out and think about left-sided heart failure. Wait what? (It’s for therapeutics.)

Anyway, I went to Great Clips because they were having a SALE.

Also, photobooth has weird effects.

I got bangs and I had to kind of trim/adjust on my own and all I can think right now is:


It was just announced today that our new live mascot, Blue III, will begin his training Saturday!

Blue II is, of course, sticking around. :)

This was such big news that even NPR reported on it in a news beat!! (Note: I don’t listen to NPR normally because I’d rather drive to Foo Fighters … I was in Curtis’s car, is the short of it).

More importantly, I don’t see why this puppy isn’t on national television 24/7.

I MEAN FOR GOSH SAKE, HE HAS PINK SPOTS ON HIS NOSE. And a little patch on his eye and brindle spots on his bum and little wrinkles all over and—D’AAAWWW.

The dangerous thing is that he is scoop-up-able and he may go missing… No! No he won’t! He won’t. I’m really kidding.

HE’S JUST SO CUTE. I can’t wait to meet this little guy! (Butler security has already bugged me and will tackle me if I go within 12 feet of him, probably.)

So my new year’s resolution is … behind.

I stopped officially make new year’s resolutions a little while ago, mostly because I’m forgetful and–let’s face it–not long-term goal oriented. So we’re halfway through February and I decided to try dieting.

:( frowny face.

My mom said she tried the South Beach diet a while ago, and I didn’t really think much of it until after a long morning of browsing Pinterest I found a blog that touted South Beach diet recipes. And they actually looked good.

So I decided to give it a try! I’m one week through and I actually feel pretty good. The diet’s divided into “phases,” the first of which is the strictest and lasts 2 weeks. I can’t have any carbs except what may be found in the vegetables/legumes I’m allowed to eat. At first I thought it would be impossible to complete–I love bread and scones and basically everything that’s bad for you.

But, I gave the diet book a read and found out that over the course of my pharmacy school career, I’d actually already been taught most of this stuff. It works like this: you eat carb-heavy food and your body digests it very quickly. Your blood glucose shoots up, and your pancreas counters with lots of insulin (which allows your body to utilize glucose for energy but also does a slew of other things). This process happens quickly, and suddenly your blood glucose is low again and your appetite returns.

The diet talks about ways to slow down the whole process of digestion and even out how quickly glucose is poured into your blood. This slowing of digestion, or the emptying of the stomach, is actually an important part of controlling blood sugar in type 2 diabetes, and drugs that can slow digestion are very helpful.

Soooo! Long story short, there’s kind of a small carb withdrawal phase that I felt most on the second day of no-carbs. I got kind of groggy and it was hard to motivate myself to do stuff. Luckily it was a Saturday. ;)

I feel great now. My appetite has finally been curbed! I cheated a little today and went to Chipotle, though, but I didn’t get rice in my burrito bowl (which doesn’t include a tortilla, of course).

Plus it’s not so bad. I can have sugar free Jello and sugar free fudgesicles AND THESE COOKIES:

made from almond flour!

Science, Technology & Society (STS)

I probably haven’t mentioned this yet, but as of this year, I am pursuing a minor in STS!

I had never heard of the major until this past summer, but it is one of the coolest integrated studies I’ve come across in university. As a writer, I originally wanted to try and get an English minor (it’s impossible with pharmacy unless I’d decided freshman year to do it and did a lot of summer school!). But I was pointed in the direction of STS and fell in love immediately!

Nerd alert: me being excited about STS only further proves that I’m a nerd. And I don’t mean in an “adorkable” way (why did I just use that word). I mean in a “I could spend hours reading scientific articles and dissecting the sentence structure and word choice to see how factual said article is.” Then I would debate the validity and soundness of every argument. Then I would curl up on the floor.

Seriously though, I’m finding STS really interesting. It makes me want to get into science writing sometime down the road. :) (I’m going to take a page from the book of Dr. Vance and get an article published about disease mongering. YEAH!)

I googled STS and this is what I found, also an image that declared that cows are food factories. What am I getting myself into?

Restaurants in Fishers: A Comprehensive Review

What I really mean is, Mexican restaurants and how much I love them.

Within about two miles of my apartment are not one, not two, not five, but seven Mexican restaurants. They are:

Friaco’s Mexican Restaurant and Cantina

Mexico City Grill

Qdoba (yes, I’m counting Qdoba)

– Taco Bell (yep!)

Cancun Mexican Restaurant

The Red Burrito (?)

Riviera Maya Bar & Grill

Okay I know these aren’t as authentic as they could be, but I know all of them are delicious. See, I’m not complaining at all about the sheer density of Mexican restaurants around where I live. I am thrilled.

I love Mexican food more than is probably healthy. If there’s ever any question of “what should we do for dinner?” or “what are you craving?” it’s usually burritos. 99% of the time it’s burritos (the rest of the 1% is tacos).

I didn’t know about all of these restaurants when we picked out these apartments, but I will say I’m more than happy to try all of them out. So far, I’ve been to all of them except for Maya. Maya has a small parking lot so I shun it. (Okay I’ll confess: I ate Hardee’s and not Mexican at the Hardee’s/Red Burrito, so sue me.)

In all seriousness, Friaco’s has the best chorizo + queso dip I’ve ever had and really excellent chimichangas. Mexico City Grill has amazing decor and a delicious Mexican pizza. I highly recommend both of those places!

Here’s Kass and me at Friaco’s. Sorry for the awkward image quality, we took the picture with a potato.


Remember the Super Bowl? FORGET THE SUPER BOWL. It was my birthday.

What did I do? Well let me tell you!

I studied all day for cluster exams. :(

In between, I got Taco Bell and went to Target to try and find a dress from their newly released Jason Wu line. Were most sizes in every cute dress sold out? Yes. That’s okay though, I found a different dress and some nail polish and it’s all good.

I also made the incredibly thrilling discovery that Taco Bell now has a $5 box with a CRUNCHWRAP SUPREME. I couldn’t actually eat it all but you can’t always win on your birthday, I s’pose!

Instead of watching the Super Bowl, Curtis took me out to my restaurant of choice: Buca di beppo! It was lovely! Also, driving north of Indianapolis at 6:30 PM on the day of the Super Bowl was eerie. No one was on the roads. It was like The Road.

If my SD card reader could read Curtis’s camera’s SD card then you would see a picture of us from my birthday. Since that’s not the case… you get this.

US. ON THE ROAD. It looked a little dreary so I added a Pikachu. aw snap.

ps – GO GIANTS!!

Every party needs a pooper?

It’s Super Bowl week in Indianapolis!! You’ve probably heard.

I live safely 30 minutes away from all of the festivities and I haven’t exactly planned on making any excursions downtown. So if you’re sick of reading about Super Bowl stuff… you’re in the right place?

I have my reasons for not being particularly excited about the Super Bowl. 1) It’s my birthday. Not the Super Bowl. My birthday. 2) Clusters are next week. 3) I just don’t like football. [I will be kicked out of America by tomorrow.] But anyway, with it being my birthday, I specifically requested that the Super Bowl occurring in my city of residence go down as such: the Bengals (particularly Andy Dalton) performing my high school marching band’s senior year show, Vertigo. But no. I didn’t get that. FINE.

I know it’s all really exciting, and JIMMY FALLON CAME TO BUTLER, and all these famous people are about and that’s awesome, but all of the festivities are infringing upon my birthday, and I doubt Eli Manning got me anything.

Oh Eli, I can’t stay mad at you. :( But seriously next year I want a Volvo.