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Hey everyone, I am Cathryn. I am going into my 5th year of pharmacy at Butler University. I am also working toward a minor in Science, Technology & Society! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and writing. I've been working on NaNoWriMo and am hoping to be published at some point in the near future as well. Most of the time you can catch me studying in the library or browsing the Internet. Oh, and did I mention that I got married last summer?

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Tabling Mentality

Tabling is kind of a new concept to me since going to college. Let me define it real quick before we move on.

PAWS is notorious for doing this. Basically, you set up a table in a highly populated area (usually Starbucks), then we offer information about whatever’s going on. Sometimes people have fundraisers via tabling, and there’s usually a stigma with: See a table, get badgered into participating in something. PAWS is guilty of doing this a lot. We made you do tricks for candy. ;)

Today, however, was Brain Food Breakfast for Stress Less Week. The gist of this table is: Walk up, get free food. Nothing else!

We kept experiencing a lot of weird reactions though. No matter how many times we said, “Hey, want free breakfast? It’s free. Free free free. Just walk up and take it. Free.” some people still thought we were bonkers. We had some people politely decline, but others basically thought we were offering frog legs or something. Maybe it was too early to have complex social interactions.

I don’t know, I ate a bag of almonds and string cheese and I was happy as can be. :) Please take a look at the Facebook event I posted above so you can see the schedule for tomorrow. Lots of great stuff going on, and I heard the weather is going to be better!!

Okay, random note. I searched Starbucks on the main Butler website and only found blog entries. GO TEAM!!

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