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Hey everyone, I am Cathryn. I am going into my 5th year of pharmacy at Butler University. I am also working toward a minor in Science, Technology & Society! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and writing. I've been working on NaNoWriMo and am hoping to be published at some point in the near future as well. Most of the time you can catch me studying in the library or browsing the Internet. Oh, and did I mention that I got married last summer?

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Archive: February 2011

Studying just got a whole. lot. snuggielier.


I know you’re all upset about this for several reasons.

1) You don’t have a tiger the size of a small child.

2) The tiger you don’t have is sitting in front of a fun box you don’t have.

3) You don’t have Butler-decorated pillows in the windowsill you don’t have.

4) Yeah that’s right. Kass made our ottoman cover.


I don’t know if you people have heard of White Whines, but here’s one for you right now: I have to hem my one-size fits all Snuggie! Ugh, it is just so. long. I mean, I understand it has to keep your warm while freeing your arms to do mundane tasks. But what if I have to get up to get a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos? I might trip on my platform pumps.

I need to break in those shoes for next weekend. It’s serious business. And I need to do it in the comfort of my camo snuggie. Geez, people, don’t you know anything about the American way?!

I love my snuggie. It has pockets. :)

Oh, right. Valentine’s Day.

I guess I never really paid much attention to Valentine’s Day. I mean, my birthday completely overshadows most everything in February, including Hallmark holidays. At any rate, I do recall celebrating Valentine’s Day with Curtis the first year we started dating.

That year, he bought me James Blunt’s CD and roses! He knows the way to a woman’s heart is the sappy song of the moment and roses. :D

Anyway, this year was a little more low key. I went home over the weekend to celebrate my birthday with my family and Curt. Curtis took me out for mediocre Mexican food (MY FAVORITE!!) and he got me an adorable necklace from Etsy! On Sunday, I went to go get him a card, and I swear I was the only female swarming the Valentine’s Day section. Also, all of the cards are female-oriented. I’m pretty sure Curtis doesn’t want to hear he’s beautiful. I mean, maybe he does.

I bought him a child’s card that had a big jolly cartoon octopus! Teehee. Oh, and man’s chocolate.

On the actual day this year, Kass and Ashley and I just ordered pizza and watched Lifetime. Yeah, we’re cool.

I guess the bottom line is that Valentine’s Day can be fun, but I’m serious, “Singles Awareness Day” people, there’s not much going on here. Every day with Curtis is JUST AS SPECIAL as Valentine’s Day.

I need to wash my hands after typing that.

Boo is my new go-to for when I don't have cool pictures.

Schedule, why you so confusing?

Bad grammar in title intentional.

So it’s Thursday, and all semester on Thursdays, I have had PDA 2 at 10 AM. I got up a little later than normal due to an intense heavy REM sleep I was in (seriously, I shut off my alarm and went straight back to dreaming!), so naturally, I left the apartment a little later than I intended. I trucked it to class, wearing an extra jacket that I didn’t need. It’s going up to almost 70 degrees today, people!

So I stumble into the pharmacy building feeling like I’ve given myself shin splints (speed walking + falling apart flats = leg pain), and both of the lecture halls are nearly-empty, except for one that has maybe half a dozen people from my class in it. I waltz in, wondering where everybody is, because it’s 9:59. Was there a Wednesday night pharmacy rager that I didn’t know about?

Then I see that things for Self Care 2 are up on the projectors, and I am informed by some lovely classmates who could clearly see my confusion that we don’t have PDA 2 on Thursdays at 10 AM on weeks we have group work sessions.


So my Thursdays just got a little more awesome, and I’m already on campus, so that means I found a study cove in the library, and it’s time to catch up on said PDA 2. Dr. Beck talks too fast.

During clusters, I made a bomb-diggity playlist with 72 songs on it, and I’m listening to Creed right now. I’m not afraid to admit it.


It’s wallpaper-sized so I’m crossing my fingers that it will totally break the blog layout.

The Daily What

If you need a dose of Internet meme updates, world news, charts, and goofy pictures, then you need to start following the Daily What on Tumblr. By following them, you instantly open yourself up to being that person who goes, “Oh, yeah I heard about that. A WEEK AGO.”

My only beef with them is that their overall feed is not blog appropriate, so you’ll have to go find them yourselves. Ooor from the post I linked below.

Today, this gem appeared on my Tumblr feed. “The Saddest Scrub of the Day.”

I love puns.

There are also things like the Current Worldwide Annual coffee consumption per capita chart. DANG, NORTHERN EUROPE. And I thought I had a coffee problem!

Basically, anything awesome that is happening at any time and any place comes up on The Daily What, and if you’re a compulsive checker like myself, you get information fast. I mean, I knew about Detroit wanting to build a Robocop statue a week ago.

Bottom line: if you have a Tumblr, I highly recommend The Daily What. If you don’t have a Tumblr, get one. There’s plenty of fun blogs to follow, and most of them are awesome pictures with captaions, like Pudgy Kitties. ;)

One last note: If Detroit seriously builds a Robocop statue, that’s the next place I want to vacation.

This is how we do birthdays.

Even though clusters were scheduled three days after my birthday, we still managed to have a kick-a time.

Birthday Pancake Bacon Sandwich.

It all started with breakfast. While my roommates cooked, I sang and danced to Ke$ha. It was the appropriate Birthday move. After properly fueling my brain, I was secluded in Kassandra’s room to study for 4 hours.

Birthday! Yeeeaaah!

Okay, but, at 6 PM sharp–the fun began.

See, there was a mystery to solve, and when you’re the birthday girl, it’s your job to solve mysteries. Get out the way, Mystery Machine. This one’s from Sherlock Holmes HIMSELF.

He has stationary with his FACE on it. He's a big deal.

APPARENTLY. Holmes got a tip on a big incident that happened at the British museum. An Ancient Chinese Ruby SOMETHING (the letter with the evidence was torn so we don’t know what) was stolen! And you know the easiest place to find Chinese things is PF Chang’s.

All I got was this dang fortune cookie!!

Since one of our suspects was from Texas (I don’t make the rules, I just read the ripped-up evidence report that Holmes sends), we decided to go see True Grit for recon.

Can I take him into custody?!

So we’re still not sure “who done it,” but it turns out the perps left the stolen goods in our care.

It belongs in a museum!

THAT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! Well, a summary. Trust me, there will be more pictures drizzled into future posts, like hot fudge on a sundae.

You’re welcome.

The obligatory “I survived clusters” post!

I did! I survived clusters! It’s a Christmas miracle! Only–not, because it’s February!

For once, clusters went fairly decently. Even with the snow days and the abhorrent amount of makeup work we were assigned, I thought things went okay. Granted, I spent less time studying during the snow days and more time watching Lifetime movies, but I got my act together in time to study straight through the Superbowl.

(I thought the Superbowl was boring. THERE, I SAID IT.)

I wish I had something more valuable to say! My life is just anti-excitement. For Valentine’s Day, I had a group meeting yesterday for Dosage Forms, where we discussed our gargantuan term paper and imminent presentation. Then I went to creative writing club where I gave everyone candy!

Oh, and I texted Curtis. I think. I’m a Valentine’s Day pro. (I got him gifts while I was at home Sunday!)

I should have a reality TV show. For real.

At least my roommates are doing something exciting: making creepy masks for mask class!


Myers-Briggs Personality Test!


I’ve always had a fascination with personalities. I think it’s really interesting to learn about myself, and why I get in moods where I hate people and I have to be alone. And how I have the amazing super power (that others also have) to sit in a busy Starbucks and do work.

My Myers-Briggs has been pretty consistent all through high school and college: INFJ. When I took it last week, I actually got ISFJ, the difference being: N’s are big picture, pretentious English major types, and S’s are the structured, “I have to make lists and figure out every detail or I get an aneurysm” pharmacy school types. I’m fairly confident I’m still an N, but sometimes my S qualities shine and drive people crazy.

Anyway, if you’re not familiar with the Myers-Briggs test, here’s an explanation to help you get started.

We’re discussing personalities in my “Finance and Personnel Management” class, which is less about finance and more about personnel management–at least right now. So far, it’s been interesting considering how different personalities work together… or don’t. I love it.

I’m also going to be that manager that hates when you come in my office and start talking to me about things. Then I’ll tell you to “send me and email” and shoo you away.

Anyway, after you take the test, comment here and tell me what you got!

Here’s Boo. I love Boo. He’s probably an INFJ. <3

Boo + Pillow Pet = Cuteness overload.

THIS JUST IN: I found out that the P2 class has a lot more N’s than S’s. I’ve always been self-conscious about my complete lack of S-ness, but now that pharmacy has become more patient-focused, we’ve needed more NF’s around to help out! :)

A laundry list about my wedding.

I want to talk about my wedding! Here’s a list of what I have and what I want!

I have:

A date: October 19, 2013

A groom (Curtis)

A bridal party


A guest list

DJ Siegfried (the iPod)

I want:

A dress with a top similar to this one. And lace. Lots of lace.


Venue: The French House

H. J. Benken Florist

THIS CAKE. haha, not really.

No but for real, I want the 501st at my reception. ;)

It’s really fun to plan wedding things! Unfortunately, it’s super far away. But with good reason. First of all, I graduate in 2013, and I think it will be much less stressful to plan when I’m not in school (and: bigger budget!). Also, when I busted out the calendar to look at October dates in 2013, I noticed the 19th is on a Saturday! And October 19, 2006 was when Curtis and I started dating. Ohhhh barf!

It’s a little frustrating that I can’t do much right now in terms of planning, but I can at least start looking and getting ideas! Also, how do we feel about these bridesmaid dresses (in “barcelona”)? They have pockets!

Hypertension is BORING.

I don’t mean for this to offend anyone with hypertension. But it is super boring to learn about.

I don’t like these “slow killer diseases.” I also find the cardiovascular system dull. Why? I don’t know. It must be my innate fear/repulsion with blood. I must hate it in every possible way, you see.

I prefer to learn about extreme diseases. Like, if MTV were to come out with a show called “X-TREME DISEASES,” the types of things that would be on it would look like this:

Necrotizing fasciitis

Spontaneous pneomothorax

Toxic megacolon

AAAAND sepsis. Compared to those things, the raising of your blood pressure due to age, obesity, and atherosclerosis that eventually causes heart attacks and stroke is just not fun to learn about.

I mean, I guess overall, I have a much greater interest in infectious disease. I blame my high school freshman English class for making us read The Hot Zone.

What’s it about, you ask? Ever heard of the ebola virus? Hemorrhagic fever? It’s about various outbreaks of ebola and it goes into gory detail about how people bleed out and die. Violently. There’s a whole chapters about a monkey strain too.

Why, Sycamore High School? Why did you make us read that?

At any rate, I now have an interest in the more grotesque diseases, although I’d rather not encounter them in real life. Please. I guess it would be more exciting than telling my hypertension patients to exercise, diet, lose weight, and stop eating salt.

Still talking about the snowstorm.


Butler University is officially a skating rink. Intramural hockey teams will form up tomorrow outside of Jordan Hall at 9 AM. I call playing goalie.


I don’t know who you are, skating man, but I would like to shake your hand. Well played, sir.

Walking to class today even in well-equipped combat boots was quite the challenge. About 10% of the sidewalks have been cleared (and by that I mean, tiny sections have been cleared in an otherwise continuous sheet of ice that has covered all of Butler).

I’m grumpy about going back to class. But I don’t think it’s completely unwarranted.

See, our pharmacy profs decided to use Panapto to record lectures we missed. Others assigned lengthy makeup work and makeup quizzes. Even worse, they gave us all of this to do on Wednesday night, before we went back to school. :(

Additionally, we don’t have a clusters schedule yet. They start on Tuesday. I would like to know how to study please!

Icepacylpse, you’re killin’ me. At least we got this out of it.

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