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Hey everyone, I am Cathryn. I am going into my 5th year of pharmacy at Butler University. I am also working toward a minor in Science, Technology & Society! In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and writing. I've been working on NaNoWriMo and am hoping to be published at some point in the near future as well. Most of the time you can catch me studying in the library or browsing the Internet. Oh, and did I mention that I got married last summer?

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College So Far: Part III

And now, the exciting conclusions to my college career–SO FAR. (Because I still have 2.5 more years.)


Kass and Ashley left me for London during fall semester. Actually, I guess I went with them.

The girls and me at Edinburgh Castle!

Me at Stone Henge!

That photo may or may not have blown out of Ashley’s hands just after that picture was caught. I am forever at the historic landmark!

So while they were off traveling Europe and barely going to classes (ADMIT IT!!), I was taking these:

Pathophysiology: Ow. Just. Ow. A lot of disease information in a short amount of time with some pretty detailed questions. I got through it okay.

Clinical Biochemistry: I like to call this Biochemistry Lite. There was no lab, nothing about plants or fungi, just body metabolism and DNA things. I actually kind of liked it, but it was pretty intense.

Drug Information: This class teaches us how to use medical databases. And the Internet.

Intro to Pharmaceutical Care: This may not be the actual title. We’re introduced to pharmacy concepts here, like DEA numbers and what suppositories are.

Immunology: A really interesting class that I juuust couldn’t do well in. Since it’s actually a not-COPHS class, it wasn’t scheduled with clusters (oh, clusters, I’ll get there soon), and that meant it got the short end of the stick when it came to studying. I’m sorry, immunology. :(

As I briefly mentioned a second ago, this was my first year experiencing clusters. For those of you pre-pharms or perspective pre-pharms, clusters are how the college of pharmacy slowly suck your soul out of bendy straws 3 times a semester. All of our tests are scheduled during a 3-day period where we have no classes, just exams.

For you non-pharmacy people who think that’s a sweet deal, just stop. Stop right now.

The only possible way you can prepare for clusters, especially at this point in the game when we have 4 information-heavy classes, is by studying every day as if the test was tomorrow. Take a bite off of that lack of procrastination and chew it.

(I’m only saying this because some weird whiny site had someone complaining about how pharmacy people had it easy because we have clusters. Seriously? Seriously. That’s like saying astronauts have it easy because all they have to do is fly to space.)

Anyway, fall semester was my first taste of clusters! I remember during my very first cluster set, I was studying for pathophysiology, which was at 8 AM. I decided to be hardcore like everyone else and study until 3 AM, then wake up early and take it. I woke up with horrible stomach upset and the shakes, then after the test I slept from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Didn’t do that again.

Spring Semester! (This is when pharmacy school gets REAL).

Intro to Principles of Drug Action: Ever heard a pharmacy student complaining about PDA? Here’s what it’s all about: this is the class we take for the rest of our professional school career. It is a combination of pathophysiology, toxicology, pharmacology, and medicinal chemistry. That’s why we complain about it.

Intro to PharmCare 2: Math! Calculations! How not to kill patients!

Delivery of Health Care: Not my favorite topic, this was a class that focused on health insurance. And I’m still clueless.

Biotechnology: This is the class where we learn about how mouse molecules are made into autoimmune disease drugs. Intense!

So, that’s my really long entry about junior year. By the way: in spring semester, I turned 21 and got engaged in the same week. :)

Crying and making high-pitched noises? Simultaneously.

2 Responses to College So Far: Part III

  1. cniehaus says:

    Hi Lauren!

    As an undergrad, it’s not really imperative to have a big bag. I usually just went to class with journals, folders, and novel-sized books. Once you get into pharmacy school, you’ll have a computer you have to tote around, and sometimes a textbook, and even your white coat. I don’t think you’ll need a backpack for freshman and sophomore years, but you’ll need one eventually. It’s up to you when to get it! :)

    Good luck!

    (Also, in the future, you can leave comments here or feel free to email me at

  2. Lauren K. says:

    Hey Cathryn! I didn’t know how to contact you other than leave you a comment on here. I saw that you are a pharmacy major, which is what I’m hoping to become in the Fall 2011. I’m currentally attempting to put together a wish list (if I don’t then no Christmas for me or really bad gifts. ha). I’ve been asking for college stuff. If I am a pharmacy major, will a good sturdy backpack come in handy?


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