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CAMPUS ALERT: There are camels at Butler. The sophomore class hosted this event on the mall to show that they have both the wit to make a joke and the ability to carry it out in such an impressive fashion. So let’s break it down.

On one level, we have camels on campus. Isn’t that enough? Camels are so random in their own right that it is absolutely hilarious in bring them to campus. Think of how a student walking to class would react to these camels. Are they going to think: “What’s going on? That’s odd…camels.” No, they aren’t going to question when good things are happening. They will go see the camels.

The second level of irony comes from the now infamous campus alert a few weeks ago informing all of campus that a criminal was running “towrad the camel,” a phrase that obviously meant “towards the canal,” but which is now stuck in the comic memory of every butler student.

Photo courtesy of Irene Stevens

The only problem now is that I’m so distracted from doing the work that I need to do. Thus, I write this post.

Finals Countdown

YouTube Preview Image

That’s right. We’re getting down to the final moments of the semester. It’s flown by, and now all of campus stands on the precipice of two of the busiest weeks of the year. Some find themselves cramming a semester’s worth of review into these weeks. Others are sitting down to write those ten page papers that (we hope) are due in a week or so. Others find themselves preparing for projects on projects.

As always, Facebook becomes the easiest means of wasting time. But do you wanna know the worst part? The December weather has decided to act out during these busy days, blessing us with 65 degree days. I didn’t wear my winter coat all weekend, and even last night I was out on the porch chatting it up with my roommates. GAHHH!! WHY MUST WE BE CURSED WITH THIS INCREDIBLE WINTER!

In classic fashion, I decided to set up a scrimmage of ultimate today as a nice study break. Hopefully the rain that’s trying to become a factor holds off around 5 PM tonight. I still want to be active! Although who’s to say, if snow does hit us soon, maybe I’ll still be heading out to toss a frisbee around. The sky’s the limit.

India meets Ice

Imagine the movie Miracle, but with more curry. The Sangam club met again yesterday for a movie night, the final meeting of the semester. We were given two options to watch, either Slumdog Millionaire or Breakaway, a movie that I had never heard of before. Since practically everyone had seen the former, we elected the latter.

YouTube Preview Image

The trailer should give you an idea of what the movie was like, but to sum it up for people who don’t have a spare two minutes to spend watching a trailer: Indian family living in Toronto struggles with managing their cultural traditions and the Canadian culture. Rather unsurprisingly, the conflict comes to a boil over an ice rink.

The movie is hilarious, thanks mostly to the goalie who was my favorite character. There were laugh-out-loud moments, touching moments, sad moments, and above all, Bollywood dancing moments. The most confusing scene for me centered around an appearance made by Drake in a club. But who am I to judge.

Thanksgiving Shenanigans Pt. 1

For Thanksgiving break, I stayed on campus until Monday to get some work done. A good amount of time was spent cleaning up my room, finishing off leftovers (which coincidentally involved consuming every spare bit of food so that I could avoid a trip to the store), and getting homework done.

When I returned home, I had a list of things to do. Always at the top are eating and sleeping. I also picked up my sister from college and my cousin from the airport. From there, shenanigans ensued.

I went salsa dancing with my cousin, sister and her friends. This was full of attempted suaveness, embarrassment, and lots of fun. From there we played Apples to Apples while enjoying our final bites of hostess. And let me tell you, The end of Hostess really puts the sweet in bittersweet. Unfortunately, no Twinkies were to be found. We made do.

:'( They'll be missed.

See what else I did during break HERE

Thanksgiving Shenanigans Pt. 2

YouTube Preview Image

What does this video have to do with Thanksgiving break of a Butler student? Not much, besides the easily drawn correlation between the thrill of snowboarding and the excitement of chilling with family for the weekend. My cousin showed me the video. Now I have a new favorite band. More songs to be found here.

It was a week of relaxing and giving thanks for all of the incredible opportunities that I’ve been afforded. I attribute about 20% of my accomplishments to myself. This number is modeled after Woody Allen‘s quote: “80 percent of success is showing up.” I am lucky to have been born in America in a family that can send me to college. The incredible friends I’ve made have shaped me into who I am, and my professors have directed me through my academic career.

A big thanks to everyone who has been a part of my life, influential or otherwise. Sitting down to a table full of food that puts me directly into a food coma is just another opportunity to take note of a blessed and full life. Going back to school, I’ll seek to take advantage of every moment, and keep a positive attitude. Because I honestly have no reason to be pessimistic in this day and place. For that I’m grateful.

The Butler Buzzerbeater

It’s great having a basketball team that performs very well (on most years) and gets opportunities to travel to Maui for an invitational tournament. My friend on the cheer-leading squad  has been looking forward to it the whole semester, and couldn’t stop talking about it over the last few days.

What’s even more fantastic is having a team perform exceptionally during the tournament! I had caught some of the game on the radio as I drove home, but I wasn’t able to catch the last few minutes. As soon as I got home, my facebook newsfeed was on fire with comments about the game. And what did most of the comments have in common? This clip, courtesy of Rotnie Clark.

YouTube Preview Image

Some may look at this as a redemption of Hayward’s missed last minute three point shot in the final moments of the March Madness tournament. I imagine this is how our team is preparing for another such event, should the need arise for a buzzer-beating three pointer. And judging by the results, we’ll be prepared next time. March Madness, here we come.

A Week of Fun!

They finally did it guys. They made education fun. This is International Education Week, and in celebration, a number of events have been set up around campus, one of which I attended this evening. A sign-up was offered to anyone who wanted to go to India Palace, and I decided I would see if there was any space left.

When I went to check and it turned out there were a few spots left for free food, this was my initial reaction:YouTube Preview Image

When I spend my time cooking for myself, a free meal now not only means that I don’t have to pay for it, but I also don’t have to prepare it or clean it up.

In all seriousness, I think that International Education is incredibly important. There are two directions that a society can take: they can either close themselves off or open up. Any experience internationally is a move outwards, opening are eyes to how many other types of people exist, and gives us the opportunity to hear new ideas, challenge our own, and grow as a person. Plus, who doesn’t love Mango Lassi?

Sushi Chef, At Your Service

It was a long awaited dream, but I battled against the odds and strove through the hardship and finally, after weeks of labor it became a reality. I. Made. Sushi.

Not saying that it all went well, or that the sushi tasted exactly as I would have liked it by the end. But hey, we’re not splitting grains of rice here. I had (most of) the necessary ingredients, and put those ingredients (in more or less the appropriate quantities) into the sushi. I coincidentally learned the difference between (the asked for) teaspoon and the (misread) tablespoon, and how big a difference this makes when concerning salt.

YouTube Preview Image

I didn’t do it all alone of course. I had help from the video above, which not only gave me a history lesson of how sushi and its fast food counterpart Nigiri came about, but also important tips on how to prepare the sushi. All in all it was a fantastic experience, and one that I hope to repeat and improve upon in the future. I may also invest in a sharper knife, because at some point it’s no longer cutting if the blade has to smash through the sushi roll.


Balmy Weekend Weather

What a wonderful weekend it has been! Midway through Saturday that I was forced to ask myself: Why am I wearing pants? Now, before you instantly judge me for such a question, you need to understand how warm it was. After a few weeks of sub-40s weather, the sudden wave of 60’s was glorious, and jeans were just too much to handle.

While I did remain fully clothed throughout the weekend, I did opt for shorts and a short sleeve shirt on numerous occasions. A number of people were caught in the heat with sweaters, jackets, and pants, unable to fathom such an irregularly warm November.

While the rest of this week doesn’t bode well, at least there’s still today to appreciate it. EXCEPT THAT I HAVE SO MUCH WORK TO DO!!! Ahem, sorry about that. Suffice it to say that a 70 degree day isn’t quite as nice when separated from it by a window and air conditioning, in November of all months.

Study Abroad Panel

Three to four percent of the US population has passports. It’s stats like these that remind me how lucky I was to have the experience to study abroad. I’m reminded of all of this as I sit in the Pharmacy Building as part of the panel of past study abroad students. I am here in order to answer questions and offer advice to students who are studying abroad next semester. All this has really done is remind me how envious I am of 2011 Andrew!

This time a year ago I was scrambling to get in my info and prepare myself for my trip to Italy. I remember coming to this exact room and feeding off of all the words of panel members who had already experienced their time abroad. As a student I imagined what wonders I would be experiencing soon. Now as a panel member, I find myself reminiscing on the awesome experiences I ended up having.

It’s also a nice chance to give back to a program that did so much for me. It wasn’t my own force of will that got me to Italy (as much as I wish that were the case). The incredibly well coordinated efforts of the Center for Global Education were the real driving force behind my travels, with a special thanks to Sarah Barnes.

To end this post, I’ll leave you with a video that nicely encapsulates the excitement of the international community.

YouTube Preview Image