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Applying to Butler
Applying to Butler

How To Apply

If Butler is one of your top choices, you should apply Early Action before November 1. The Regular Decision application deadline is February 1. Your application and supporting materials must be submitted or postmarked on or before the respective deadline. We accept both the Butler Application and the Common Application, and give equal consideration to both types of applicants. 

To submit an Application for Freshman Admission and Scholarships, you must not have attended any other college or university (with the exception of those students who are taking college-level courses while currently enrolled in high school).


Freshmen Application Requirements

  • Butler Application or Common Application
  • Writing sample or graded essay
  • Official SAT (code 1073) or ACT (code 1180) scores
  • Official high school transcript showing coursework completed through the junior year
  • A Secondary School Report completed by your guidance office
  • (Optional): Résumé outlining activities and honors
  • (Optional): 1-2 Letters of Recommendation

Essay Prompts

If you are applying through the Butler Application, please explore one of the topics below within a one- to two-page essay, typed and double spaced. You can also submit a graded essay or composition, which should include the teacher's notes and grade received. If you are applying through the Common App, please respond to one of the prompts provided in that application. You only need to submit one application essay. 

  • Evaluate a risk you have taken, what resulted from it, and what you learned from the experience.
  • Explore a moral dilemma you faced and how you dealt with it.
  • Describe a specific accomplishment or experience and its influence on you.
  • Discuss an event or situation that reinforced the importance of diversity to you.

Jordan College of the Arts (JCA) Applicants 

Students wishing to major in the arts must complete a secondary Art + Design, Arts Administration, Dance, Music, or Theatre application in addition to the Application for Freshman Admission and Scholarships. An audition and/or interview is required of all majors in the Jordan College of the Arts. Both applications must be submitted before an audition can be scheduled. Once you have submitted your Freshman Application for Admission and Scholarships, you will be asked to complete an application for your selected JCA major and then select an audition or interview date.


Special admission information for veterans can be found here.