Faculty/Staff Learning Communities


The Office of the Provost at Butler University sponsors Faculty/Staff Learning Communities (F/SLCs) that bring together small groups of faculty and academic staff from a variety of disciplines and units to regularly engage in dynamic discussion, reflection, and collaboration on a professional development topic of shared interest.


The goals of F/SLCs are to build and strengthen the Butler academic community and its commitment to community engagement, to share resources and expertise, to encourage evidence-based decisions about our work, and to support Butler’s faculty and academic staff in their pursuit of lifelong learning and multidisciplinary collaboration.

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Review guidelines and themes for 2022–2023.

Deadline to join a Faculty/Staff Learning Community for 2022–2023 is Friday, September 16, 2022.


Questions: FSLC@butler.edu

All faculty (full-time or part-time) and staff are welcome to join any of the FSLCs listed. 

Best Practices for Student Engagement

This F/SLC focuses on first year faculty and staff instructors seeking to expand instructional/presentation/engagement skills and institutional knowledge. Experienced faculty and staff can also reconnect with best practices and expand their Butler network.

Facilitator: Dr. Karina Hamamouche, Assistant Professor of Psychology (LAS)

Mentoring the Whole Student

What defines postgraduate success from both an academic and nonacademic standpoint? What knowledge, skills, and abilities are required for students to do well in their lives after Butler? What can Faculty and Staff do to help prepare students to wrangle with challenges posed by life post-Butler (e.g., employment, personal finance, community involvement, and mental health)? We will begin our exploration with creative brainstorming to arrive at preliminary answers to these questions. Then, we will broadly survey literature, research institutions, peer and aspirant institutions for novel ideas and best practices. The overall goal of this FSLC is to produce a workable plan to support measurable and consistent outcomes for students investing in a Butler education.

Facilitator: Mike Thomas, Senior Associate Director, Career and Professional Success (CaPS)

Promoting Academic Integrity

The sudden shift to increased online course content delivery came with increased incidents of students cheating in courses across the nation. As we begin to adjust to the new realities of higher education in the wake of the COVID pandemic, now seems a crucial time for faculty and staff to think about our roles in helping students see the value and the importance of academic integrity. Starting with James Lang’s Cheating Lessons, this learning community will provide faculty and staff with a space to discuss the strategies we use within a course to encourage academic integrity as well as how we promote the importance of this foundation of education beyond the classroom.

Facilitator: Dr. Chris Bungard, Professor of Classical Studies (LAS)

Shared Governance for Faculty and Staff

Inclusion Advocate Program Logo, Black/White Swirls with small Butler University logoThis FSLC will bring together staff and faculty to discuss shared governance at Butler – what is, what isn’t, and what it might be. Some examples of the types of topics to be explored include:

  • What is the history of shared staff and faculty governance on Butler’s campus?
  • What is the value of shared governance?
  • What are its limits?
  • Can shared governance help to redress patterns and histories of inequality?

Facilitators: Amy Arnold, Office and Student Personnel Services Administrator (COE) and Dr. Vivian Deno, Professor of History (LAS)