Affinity Group Program

To enhance and sustain a diverse and inclusive community culture, the Office of the Provost supports faculty and staff affinity groups that bring together individuals with similar backgrounds, identities and/or interests. Applications are open every Spring semester for funding to support activities such as tickets to movies or Clowes events for group members, coffee for informal and formal dialogue sessions, and participation in cultural festivals. Such communities should be created with the aim to enhance a sense of belonging for faculty and staff with underrepresented identities and backgrounds at Butler University, increase community participation of faculty and staff with similar backgrounds and interests, and enhance interactional diversity by encouraging inter-community events focused on common interests, educational outreach or productive dialogue. Activities that support the onboarding experiences of new staff and faculty colleagues, are accessible, and encompass remote-inclusive activities (i.e. those that do not require in-person attendance), are strongly encouraged.

Young Professionals Group
The Young Professionals Group provides a space for young professionals and early career professionals in higher education to share resources and connect across Butler University’s campus. The group’s goals are to provide networking opportunities for participants, promote the sharing of resources, and retain young talent at Butler. Join our “Young Professionals Affinity Group” Teams page to learn more and get involved! There is no age requirement for this group- all are welcome.
Contact: Katie Eisenhauer

Juntos @ Butler
We are a social group made up of Latinx employees at Butler University whose main purpose is to get together on a quarterly basis, sometimes more, in order to promote and share our love for all things related to our cultures: food, art, music, movies, education, etc. We do this not only to retain our own cultures but to also support and encourage appreciation for the Latinx community in Indianapolis.
Contact: Adriana Jones

Asian Pacific Islander Community (APIC)
The Asian Pacific Islander Community (APIC) is made up of faculty and staff who self-identity as Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander at Butler University, who have come together with shared values of mutual respect, intentional inclusion, collaboration and community, advocacy and education. We foster community and belonging among us and create opportunities for solidarity, networking, and mentoring for our members. We develop and promote educational tools and events that advance knowledge of lived experiences of Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities within and beyond campus.
Contact: Peter Wang and Tammy Pressler

Jewish Culture
The Jewish Culture Affinity Group aims to foster dialogue and connections amongst faculty and staff interested in or curious about Jewish life at Butler. As we build this community, we hope to be able to offer educational outreach programs to raise understanding across campus. Chair: Jason Goldsmith, Vice-Chair: Hilene Flanzbaum, Treasure/Secretary: Andrew Levy
Contact: Jason Goldsmith

Faculty Women of Color Collective
The faculty women of color collective offers mutual support and community for faculty women of color.  Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Arab, Asian, Pacific Islander, and other women of color who share our commitment to solidarity, egalitarianism, and mutual accountability are invited to express interest.
Contact: Robin Turner and Mira Kafantaris

Women in Innovation
Women have been significantly impacted by the pandemic, and it’s important that at Butler we foster an environment for women to be leaders and innovators. We want women from all parts of campus to have seats at the table and foster an environment of innovation. Join a Community of Butler innovators working together to create pathways for all women (including those that identify as women) to be part of conversations, advance, and thrive here at Butler.
Contact: Stephanie Hinshaw

Society of Visual Arts (SOVA)
We are a social group whose purpose is to enjoy our shared interest in the visual arts, and we aim to encourage faculty and staff to exchange ideas and build networks for the enrichment of the arts at Butler University. Society of Visual Arts (SOVA) welcomes faculty and staff to join the society to connect through visual arts.
Contact: Peter Wang and Linda Willem 

LGBTQIA+ Community for Faculty and Staff at Butler
The purpose and goal of this group is to create a network of support and community for LGBTQIA+ individuals at Butler. We will coordinate social events that facilitate supportive relationships, which will make possible (in no particular order): mentorship, solidarity, showcasing member contributions to Butler and beyond, and the sharing of professional and pedagogical development opportunities.
Contact: Lavender McKittrick-Sweitzer

Decolonizing the Classroom
This group has two purposes: 1) to explore the body of scholarship around decolonizing the classroom & curriculum; and 2) to provide space to think about how that scholarship translates into classroom practices. The group will discuss readings, films or other scholarship on decolonizing higher education. It can also include members bringing moments, practices, assignments from the classroom to discuss and problem-solve together. We will discuss inviting external scholars to share with the larger university community.
Contact: Julie Searcy and Jeremy Townsley

Community-engaged Learning
The purpose of the group is to gather monthly to discuss how to best instill community engagement and social responsibility into the Butler students, support each other in our efforts concerning community engagement, and discuss new programming to encourage our peers to become involved in community engagement in their classes.
Contact: Mary Gospel 
Slow Productivity
The purpose of the group is to bring together Butler faculty and staff who wish to develop an approach to work that is sustainable, so that we can produce output that is of high quality but also of humane quantity. Our goals include providing members with resources, opening up discussions, and exchanging ideas for sustainable productive work.
Contact:  Andrew Stoehr