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A small group of students and a professor sitting in the grass during an outdoor class

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Outcomes

Liberal Arts and Sciences student in the lab

In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, students find opportunities usually found only in graduate programs, such as engaging in research with faculty and presenting findings at professional conferences. Additional hands-on learning opportunities come from Butler's location in Indianapolis, in the form of internship positions at government, business, arts, and non-profit organizations.

98% placement rate

52% Employed

38% Grad School

4% Gap-Year Program

2% Still Looking

2% Internship

1% Fellowship

1% Military Service

This information is based on 76% of 2017 graduates.
Data is collected up to six months post-graduation from
sources including students, employers, faculty, staff, parents, and online.

Median starting salary


Featured employers

Anthem, Inc.
Charles Schwab
Dow Agrosciences
Eli Lilly and Company
Eskenazi Health
Mayo Clinic
Walt Disney World

Selected graduate schools

Duke University
Georgetown University
University of Michigan
Indiana University
King’s College London