Faculty Fellows Program

One of the best ways to promote faculty development and growth among faculty is to create space and opportunities for them to learn from one another. CAT’s Faculty Fellows program aims to do just that. The Faculty Fellows program typically includes a financial contribution to the faculty members’ travel or research account.

CAT launched the first Fellow Program to support the Canvas Implementation during the fall of 2019. Typical fellowships last either one or two semesters. Faculty Fellows will enrich the CAT mission by focusing on a particular goal or topic and often contribute in the following ways:

  • Participate in workshops/events as presenter and/or facilitator;
  • Provide leadership and peer consultation to faculty;
  • Advocate for and promote best practices in courses within their college;
  • Communicate key features, developments and support options to faculty at college and departmental meetings;
  • Meet regularly with the other Fellow(s) and CAT staff to develop training experiences, materials and documentation;
  • Contribute to special projects.

If Butler faculty have an idea for a CAT Faculty Fellows focus area, they are encouraged to send an email indicating so to cat@butler.edu.


  • Erin Garriott (COE)
  • Allison Hartcock (CCOM)
  • Scott Kaschner (LAS)
  • Lynne Kvapil (LAS)
  • Brandi Oliver (COE)
  • Andy Schmelz (COPHS)
  • Tim Brimmer (JCA)
  • Steve Nyktas (JCA)
  • Brian Weidner (JCA)

Focus Area: Ally (course & content accessibility)


  • Carriann Smith (COPHS)

Focus Area: Universal Design for Learning & Accessibility


  • Jane Siegler (LSB)
  • Brian Day (LAS)

Focus Area: Canvas