Butler has an excellent pharmacy program. In addition to offering the traditional PharmD, we also offer two dual-degree programs; a PharmD/MBA, and a PharmD/Masters of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Butler utilizes a “2-4” model; which means 2 years of pre-pharmacy coursework, then (if automatically advanced from the pre-pharmacy program or accepted via transfer application) 4 years of professional pharmacy coursework. Students who do not enter the pre-pharmacy program as a first year student may be considered for transfer into the pre-pharmacy program during their second year, or may apply for the professional phase after meeting all prerequisite requirements. Please see the Butler pharmacy website for more specific contact and admission information.

As with all professional programs, different pharmacy programs have varying admission requirements. The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) provides a helpful resource page which allows prospective students to compare and contrast accredited pharmacy programs.

Some programs require applicants to take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT), others, such as Butler, do not. The Pharmacy College Admissions Test consists of approximately 200 multiple choice questions (in the broad categories of biological processes, chemical processes, critical reading, and quantitative reasoning/math) and 1 writing prompt. The mean PCAT scaled (not raw) score is 400, with a maximum score of 600. Ranking percentiles are also supplied.  The writing prompt is scored on a scale of 1 (Inadequate) to 6 (Superior). Visit the PCAT resources website for detailed information.

Pharmacy programs may or may not require students to apply via the Pharmacy Centralized Application Service (PharmCAS). Note that the PharmCAS is currently undergoing changes. It is important for all interested students to verify specific program application requirements close to the time of application, as it is possible that schools may alter previous application processes due to recent/upcoming PharmCAS changes.