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Butler Blue IV Photo
Butler Blue


Over the years, Butler University students-and even staffers on occasion-have served the school in a high-profile and spirited yet anonymous capacity as the costumed bulldog mascot. Originally known as the “Butler Bulldog,” and now “Hink,” University records indicate that the first Bulldog mascot costume appeared at a football game in 1922 and was worn by a female student.

The look of the bulldog costume evolved naturally, and today’s Hink costume is derived from a head and suit designed and manufactured by the Walt Disney Co. more than 20 years ago.

The current Hink costume was acquired in 2008 after the previous version was stolen and vandalized in the summer of that year after nearly a decade of use. The case of the missing mascot costume case garnered much media and public attention which not only assisted in justice being served, but also initiated a contest to name Butler’s costumed Bulldog.

The name “Hink” was chosen in honor of Butler legend and former athletic director, basketball, football, and baseball coach Paul D. “Tony” Hinkle.

To inquire about Hink’s schedule and availability for appearances, please contact Butler University Cheerleading Coach Brenda Jamerson at