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BU First
BU First

Advice from Eugene L. Murray ‘94, Physics

...I improved tremendously once I decided to seek help from fellow students and professors.

Eugene Murray ’94As a first-generation college student, I thought I had it all figured out (even before I got to campus). In high school, I did well academically; I went to Cathedral High School and graduated with a 3.6 GPA. I just knew the same success would follow me to college.

Once I got to campus as a student-athlete, I noticed early on that college was different from high school. With all of the “free-time” to study, no one warned me that the workload (and content) would be a lot more rigorous than high school. As a Physics major, the rigor was far more than I expected. By no means did I want to quit or change my major.

In high school, I did not study with others, and I very seldom went to my teachers for assistance. After my first round of tests at Butler, I realized that I had to swallow my pride and join the student study groups (e.g., Physics, Chemistry, and Calculus) in addition to setting up bi-weekly meetings with my professors. With my football schedule this was a little difficult, but I was determined to be successful.

Although the first semester was not up to my standards, I improved tremendously once I decided to seek help from fellow students and professors. My pride (past success) was my obstacle in this situation. I had to realize that it’s OK to receive help from others.