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BU First
BU First

Eileen Taylor's Story

Resilience and time management may be your ‘best friends’ in college! In a seven day week, there are 168 hours.

—Eileen Taylor, EdD, Lecturer, Communication and Media Studies

Eileen TaylorResilience and time management may be your ‘best friends’ in college!  In a seven day week there are 168 hours. It may be exciting to embrace the fact that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or any amount of resources you do or do not bring to college: Each student gets the same 168 hours a week to be resilient and manage time to achieve life-changing personal goals and dreams. First-generation students may optimistically create a positive, meaningful legacy for their family as college graduates.

The biggest obstacle I faced as a first-generation student was being from a low-income family. I was required to work with no breaks to pay for all of my college. To overcome this obstacle, I participated in a very competitive interview for a paid cooperative education (intern) position that resulted in a job offer and a career immediately following graduation.

One of the things I wish I would have embraced at the beginning of my college journey is the visiting of my professors during their office hours when needed. There were times during my 168 hours a week that I did not want to bother professors about coursework I was struggling with. I was insecure and did not have the courage to politely ask my professors for help, for a response that may have helped save time with a quick answer. Instead of embracing office hours as a one-on-one opportunity to get answers to needed questions, I now know I wasted part of my 168 hours in agony which was not necessary. On the first day of classes now, I stress my office hours are a way for me to help students one-on-one, and that I genuinely enjoy meeting each of them.