Writer's Studio

Our Tutors - Fall 2013

Our tutors are experienced writers who are here to help you with your writing needs. All of our staff are students who have received special training on how to be a peer tutor. Not all of our tutors are English majors. Some come from such diverse majors as dance, political science, pharmacy, chemistry, and more!

Writers' Studio Tutors

Alexandra Bode - Sophomore, Communication Science Disorders
Rachel Brown - Junior, English/French
Reid Bruner - Junior, Art & Design/Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies
Brendan Cavanagh - Senior, English Literature
Lindsey Drake - Senior, Chemistry
Anastasia Ellis - Junior, Dance Performance
Hana Goodman - Sophomore, Communication Science Disorders
Joanna Grabarek - Senior, English Writing
Katie Johnson - Senior, English Writing
Alex Mauer - Junior, Pharmacy
Mara Minion - Sophomore, English Literature
John Monroe - Senior, Business
Natalie Verhines - Sophomore, English Writing

Graduate Assistants     

Kathryn Arbuckle - M.F.A. Creative Writing, Fiction
Allie Field Bell - M.F.A. Creative Writing, Fiction
Tom Luckie - M.F.A. Creative Writing, Fiction
Luke Wortley - M.F.A. Creative Writing, Fiction


Writers' Studio

Peer Tutoring
Jordan Hall, Room 304
(317) 940-9804 (Studio Desk)

Director: Susan Sutherlin
(317) 940-9802