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Tips for forming your thesis statement

A successful thesis statement has two parts: Observation  +  Insight

The observation section of the thesis tells us what is: the insight section answers the question so what? why should we care? how is this different from what we have assumed? what is the solution to this dilemma? Often the two parts of the thesis are connected by because.

Don't rush

You may have a question or topic area but are unable  to form a thesis until you have written the body of your paper. A thesis is, after all, an insight or conclusion you must earn by writing and thinking. Often good writers do not begin working with a full-blown thesis in mind.

  • Example 1: Women were not honored for service in Vietnam until 1993 because cultural forces operated to suppress information about women in combat and non-combat roles.
  • Example 2: Scientists from several nations have challenged global warming theories, claiming they are more propaganda than science.
  • Example 3: Because the polygraph has proven more reliable than previously thought, the Supreme Court is reconsidering the test's admissibility as evidence.