Writer's Studio


Once you have revised your writing, elaborated, cut, added important details for support, changed the arrangement, you will want to achieve a final polish.

Consider These Suggestions:

  1. Read your work, sentence by sentence, from back to front.
  2. Have a friend read your work out loud just as you have written it.
  3. Print your work triple-spaced or in a large font so you can catch any errors.
  4. Use spell and grammar checks on your computer.

Common Usage Errors


Affect is usually a verb meaning "to influence."  Effect is a noun meaning "result."

Could of

Could of is nonstandard for could have.


Its is the possessive pronoun.  It's is a contraction for it is.


Quote is a verb; quotation is a noun.


Than is a conjunction used for comparison; then is an adverb denoting time.


There is an adverb specifying place; their indicates possessive; they're is a contraction for they are.


Use who to refer to persons, that to refer to things.

Would of

Would of is nonstandard for would have.


Your is a possessive pronoun; you're is a contraction for you are.