J. James Woods - Lectures in the Sciences & Mathematics

Nominations for the J. James Woods Lecture Series

The Woods Lecture Committee at Butler University invites nominations for future lecturers. Colleges or departments as well as individual members of the Butler community are welcome to submit nominations. The committee divides nominations into two kinds:

University Lecturers

The committee will typically sponsor between four and seven university lecturers in an academic year. These speakers should attract a large audience from on campus and the Indianapolis community. The committee will take primary responsibility for organizing visits by University Lecturers.

University Lecturers are selected during the spring prior to the academic year of their visit. For full consideration, please send suggestions to Holly Zimbelman, administrative support for the Woods Committee, by February 1.

Departmental Lecturers

The committee will also provide funding to academic departments who wish to bring in lecturers in their particular field of science or mathematics. While these visits are oriented towards somewhat smaller audiences than the University lectures, all departmental lectures must be publically advertised and be accessible and relevant to the general public. The sponsoring department will be responsible for organization of all arrangements for the departmental lecturer's visit.

The committee accepts nominations for departmental lecturers on a rolling basis, subject to available funds. All proposals must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the intended event date.  For detailed guidelines and nomination forms, please contact Holly Zimbelman.