Center for High Achievement & Scholarly Engagement
Washington Learning Program

The Application Process

Recruiting is under way for Spring 2015!!  DC Information Sessions will take place on Thursday, September 11 at 5:15 p.m. in JH172 and again on Friday, September 12 at 12:15 p.m. in JH155.  Applications for Spring are due October 1.

Here are the steps students take to find out about the D.C. Program and apply for it.

All juniors and seniors with a minimum GPA of 3.0 are eligible to apply for the D.C. Program. If you are interested in applying but do not meet these requirements, please contact the D.C. Program office.

  1. Meet with your academic advisor and decide which semester would be best for you to spend in D.C.
  2. Contact the D.C. Program Coordinator in Jordan Hall 153 with the following information: Which semester you plan on going to D.C., your advisor, your expected graduation date and your major.
  3. Attend a D.C. Program Informational Meeting. Two meetings are held each semester. You can find out the dates of the DC Program Info meetings by: checking the Washington, D.C. Semester website, looking for listserv and Butler Connection messages, or contacting the D.C. Program office.

The Remaining Steps Should Not Be Taken Until You Know For Certain When You Are Applying To The DC Program.

  1. Students apply to the DC program the semester prior to the one they will spend in DC. For example, if a students wishes to spend Spring 2014 in DC, he/she starts the application process during the Fall 2013 semester. Application materials are available to download below. They are also available in the D.C. Program office (Jordan 153). The DC Program application consists of:
  2. Application Form (Word)
    Employer Recommendation (Word)
    Faculty Recommendation (Word)
    Resume (PDF)
    Personal Statement (PDF)

  3. Attend one of the DC Program informational meetings the semester prior to the one you want to spend in DC - even if you have already been to one of them. Attending one of the informational meetings the semester prior to when you want to participate ensures that you have the most current information. Applications will be available at the meetings. You will learn which classes will be offered in D.C. and you will be able to make an appointment with Ivo Spalatin.
  4. Make an appointment for an interview with Ivo Spalatin. Mr. Spalatin, our internship coordinator in D.C., visits campus every semester to interview students. You MUST meet with Mr. Spalatin in order to be considered for the D.C. Program. Please contact Cathy Holland to arrange your interview.
  5. Meet with Ivo Spalatin to discuss your academic and career interests, and possible internship sites in D.C.
  6. Submit a completed application package by the application deadline to the D.C. Program office. Application deadlines usually fall the week prior to Ivo Spalatin visits Butler, or the week after. You will receive an email once she has your completed application package.
  7. Check your email to find out if you have been accepted into the DC Program. Emails are usually mailed one week after the application deadline. Those accepted into the DC Program will receive further instructions regarding registration procedures. If accepted into the program, you WILL NOT register for classes with your advisor. A meeting will be held to go over registration procedures.