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On March 19, 2008, the Butler University Strategic Plan 2014 Steering Committee held it first meeting. Among its tasks, the group reviewed the nine initiatives identified by the university trustees and made assignments to various institutional personnel/divisions to further develop each of the nine initiatives. The following is the results of initiative #4a assigned to Dr. Levester Johnson, Vice President for Student Affairs and the Student Affairs Division.

Initiative Four

Initiative #4: To offer a rich and nourishing program in co-curricular activities that emphasizes the Butler Way and generates future leaders.
Initiative #4a: Cultivate character and leadership as part of the educational outcome for students.

Charge: Johnson will put together a plan for student life (encompassing co-curricular activities, residential programs, service learning and community service), calling on others from the academic areas to assist, and will include leadership objectives.

Approach: A sub-committee was formed comprised of faculty, staff and students, to process and offer feedback and recommendations on the student life piece of the strategic plan. Some of the areas represented on the committee included Admission, Academic Affairs, Learning Resource Center, Center for Faith and Vocation, Finance and Student Affairs. The committee and its subcommittees met several times in completing their work.
The following is a list of those appointed this group:

Levester Johnson, VP for Student Affairs (Chair)

Sarah Barnes, Coordinator of Health Education and Outreach Programs

Jennifer Brinn, Student Government Association

Sally Click, Dean of Student Services

Karla Cunningham, Director of Residence Life

Valerie Davidson, Director of Diversity Programs

Becky Dreutzler, Director of Greek Life and Orientation Programs

Caroline Huck-Watson, Director of Programs for Leadership and Service Education (PuLSE)

Tyler Johnston, Chair Staff Assembly and Systems Support Project Coordinator

Andrew Jones, Assistant Director Programs and Engagement

Bob Marcus, Executive Director Financial Planning

Megan O'Rourke, Admission Counselor

Julie Pakenham, Associate Director of Programs for Leadership and Service Education (PuLSE)

Scott Peden, Director Recreation

Chris Potts, Senior Assistant Director Admission

Patti Riedy, Assistant Director Health Services

Irene Stevens, Dean of Student Life

Michel Trahyn, Operations Assistant

Those invited to serve on the committee but unable to due to other commitments:

Johnny Pryor, Director Post Graduate Studies

Deb Lecklider, Assistant professor, Director EPPSP and Faculty in Residence

John Esteb, Assistant Professor Chemistry and Faculty in Residence