Vice President for Student Affairs

New Student Affairs Staff Orientation



As a way to support new Student Affairs staff members, New Staff Orientation will help new employees within the Division of Student Affairs become acclimated to the Butler University community at both a professional and personal level.

  • Geared toward "new to Butler University"
  • Meant to be a supplement to any new staff orientation processes already established by Butler University and Departments/Offices
  • Focus on personal skill development, increasing involvement within Division and expanding perspective of campus and community initiatives



Welcome to Campus (during 1st week of hire)

  • Occurs within area of hire
  • Includes components of office functioning, dynamics, & processes

Butler University Orientation

  • Human Resource - Benefits

Staff Development Committee Welcome and Tour (during first 2 weeks of hire)

  • Introduction to members of Student Affairs Staff Development Committee
  • Includes information about different areas within Student Affairs
  • Includes tour of campus highlighting different offices/staff/faculty
  • Discuss development of personal skills
  • Includes overview of 1st-year orientation and acclimation

Staff Development Ongoing Orientation (3 interactive sessions during 1st year)

  • First: Welcome and Tour, within 2 weeks of hire
    Focus: Development of Personal Skills
  • Second: Check-in and Overview of Division of Student Affairs, 4-8 weeks from hire
    Focus: Increasing Involvement within Division, Includes short evaluation of "how things are going…so far"
  • Third: Check-in and Overview of Campus/Community initiatives, 10-20 weeks from hire
    Focus: Expanding perspective of Campus/Community, Includes evaluation of how first-year acclimation is going

Staff Involvement

  • Encourage interaction within area of hire
  • Encourage attendance at social activities and additional campus events set-up by Staff Development Committee, Student Affairs, Offices within Student Affairs
  • Provide professional development opportunities:  Workshops,Computer training sessions, Information about conferences


  • Encourage mentoring relationship during first year (and beyond)
  • Chance for new hires to have "colleague" in different area to gain different perspective


Evaluation and Assessment

Checking-in with the new staff member to determine how well his/her acclimation to Butler is going is an important part of the New Staff Orientation Program.  Checking-in with and evaluation of new staff will occur at least twice during the 1st year of hire in conjunction with the New Staff Orientation Program sessions.

  • First: 4-8 weeks from hire
    Focus: "How are things far?"
  • Second: 10-20 weeks from hire
    Focus: "How is the first year going--what else do you need in order to be successful?"

On an annual basis, the Staff Development Committee will solicit feedback from the Directors within Student Affairs regarding the components and effectiveness of the New Staff Orientation Program.


Evaluations and feedback from the new staff member will be reported out to appropriate areas including the director in his/her specific area, the Deans of Student Life and Student Services, and the Vice President of Student Affairs.  Timely reports will be distributed at least twice per year following the evaluation aspects mentioned in the previous section.  Additionally, a report on the annual review of the Student Affairs New Staff Orientation program will be distributed early each summer.