Volunteer Center

Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Expo 

In November, the city of Indianapolis hosted their annual Monumental Marathon, Half-Marathon, and 5K.  ThisExpo year marked the seventh completion of the fastest and largest marathon in Indiana. Additionally, records were broken for attendance, time, and number of participants. 

On Friday, November 1st, fifteen Butler students helped out at the Expo, retrieving and passing out registration packets and information for the participants. The volunteers were able to interact and socialize with the runners, who were representative of several cities and states across the nation.

Students of all different grade levels and majors participated in the project and were able to grow as individuals and volunteers during this service project. Freshman, Sasha Koller, attended the Expo and was very grateful to participate in this great opportunity: "I was working alongside one man that had run marathons his entire life, and, even though he could no longer participate in them, he continues his passions through volunteering.  It was also inspiring to see the people that were both participating and volunteering."  Although at times it was difficult to see the direct service that the volunteers were doing, Sasha said, "Sometimes it can be a little difficult to understand the help you are doing, but I believe it's important to look at the big picture and think about how your work will benefit others and the organization in the long run."

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