Volunteer Center

Rhythm! Discovery Center

Agency Information

Address: 110 West Washington St., Suite A

City, State: Indianapolis, IN 46204

Contact Information

Name: Erin Jeter

Email: rhythm@pas.org

Phone: (317) 275-9030

Website: www.rhythmdiscoverycenter.org

Volunteer Information

Categorical Listing: Arts

Mission: Rhythm! Discovery Center is dedicated to advancing the understanding of percussion and its role in world cultures through interactive educational experiences.

The Percussive Arts Society is a music service organization promoting percussion education, research, performance and appreciation throughout the world.

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteer opportunities include being trained as a docent to give guided tours of the museum, helping to catalogue and organize our extensive archives and museum collection, helping with our international percussion convention (PASIC) and other various office needs depending on the time of year.

Is volunteer training required?

Yes, for SOME opportunities

Is a background check required?

Yes, for SOME opportunities

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