Volunteer Center

Rebuilding the Wall, Inc.

General Information

Address: 2401 Guilford Avenue

                   Indianapolis, IN 46205

Contact Information

Name: Mary Provence

Email: mary@rebuildingthewall.org

Phone: (317) 410-7452

Website: www.rebuildingthewall.org

Volunteer Opportunities

Categorical Listing: Homelessness/Affordable Housing, Neighborhood

Mission: Rebuilding the Wall, Inc. (RtW) stabilizes low-income families by providing the opportunity for homeownership through the renovation of vacant inner city properties. We combat social injustice by building relationships across racial and socio-economic barriers; and we stabilize the community by recycling resources within our Indianapolis neighborhood.

Volunteer Opportunities: Gardening, hauling, painting, cleaning, organizing, demolition, assisting a skilled laborer, cleaning a job site, recycling building materials, etc. In short, it is physical labor.

Is volunteer training required: No

Is a background check required: No

Does your agency offer internships: No