Volunteer Center

Lillian Davis Foundation

General Information

Address: 1426 West 29th Street
City: Indianapolis, IN 46208

Contact Information

Contact Phone: 317 925-0266

Volunteer Information

Categorical Listing: Children

Mission: Lillian Davis Foundation (LDF) Purpose is to cultivate communities and families by providing in and out of school services to elementary students and as a service catalyst in the community we invest our resources to directly improve the quality of education and life for disadvantaged children and families.

Volunteer Opportunities: Volunteer as elementary teacher assistants with the LDF School House Success Program. Volunteers can help in the classrooms a minimum of 60-90 minutes a week depending on when they schedule allow (flexible). A two hour training & a background check is require for program participation. Internships: There are opportunities for students to serve as interns in the following areas: Program coordinators, office administration, & Marketing.

Is volunteer training required?  Yes
Is a background check required?  Yes