Volunteer Center

Indianapolis Zoo

General Information

Address: 1200 West Washington Street

City: Indianapolis

State: Indiana

Zip: 46222

Contact Information

Name: Kristen Kraemer

Email address: kkraemer@indyzoo.com

Phone number: (317) 630-2041

Website address: http://www.indyzoo.com/

Volunteer Information

Categorical listing: Animals

Mission: The Indianapolis Zoo empowers people and communities, both locally and globally, to advance animal conservation.

Volunteer Opportunities: We offer many opportunities to volunteers, including individuals or groups. The best way to find out more about opportunities is to check out our website. However, feel tree to contact us with questions or concerns as well.

Does this agency offer internships?


When does this agency need volunteers?

Every season all year long! Time committment depends on the event and the position.

Distance from Butler:

Distance: 10 minutes

Time: 20 miles

Does this agency require volunteer training?

This depends on the event, position, opportunity.