Volunteer Center

Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence

General Information

Address: 1915 West 18th Street, Suite B

City: Indianapolis, IN 46202

Contact Information

Name: Judy Donner

Email address: jdonner@icadvinc.org

Phone number: (317) 917-3685

Website address: http://www.icadvinc.org/

Volunteer Information

Categorical listing: Domestic Violence

Mission: ICADV is committed to the elimination of domestic violence through providing public awareness, education, training, influencing public policy and promoting availability of comprehensive resources.

Volunteer Opportunities:We currently offer the following opportunities to interested volunteers: administrative duties, committee participation, exhibiting/training, grant writing, database entry/statistics, and special events assistance. 

Is volunteer training required? Yes, for ALL opportunities

Is a background check required? No

Does your agency offer internships? Yes

Facebook: Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence