Volunteer Center

HVAF Of Indiana, Inc.

General Information

Address: 964 North Pennsylvania Street

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Contact Information

Name: Rachel Anderson

Email address: randerson@hvaf.org

Phone number: 317-951-0688

Website address:   www.hvaf.org

Volunteer Information

Categorical listing: Homelessness

Mission: HVAF of Indiana, Inc. short for Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation, is a United Way nonprofit organization, providing transitional housing and basic needs to veterans and families. Our mission is to eliminate homelessness among veterans and their families through education, prevention, supportive services and advocacy.

Volunteer Opportunities:  HVAF relies on more than 1,100 regular volunteers to eliminate homelessness among veterans in our community. Volunteers help sort and stock donations that come into the HVAF warehouse. They provide essential services to veterans to help promote them towards self-sufficiency. Volunteers also beautify housing properties by raking leaves, painting and landscaping. We also appreciate food drives and other projects that you can help create to suit your needs. Please contact Rachel Anderson, Volunteer Coordinator, for more information on how to volunteer or be more involved.

Is volunteer training required? Yes, for SOME opportunities

Is a background check required? Yes, for SOME opportunities

Does your agency offer internships? Yes

Facebook: HVAFofIndiana

Twitter: @hvafofindiana