Volunteer Center

Humane Society of Indianapolis

General Information

Address: 7929 North Michigan Road

Indianapolis, IN 46268

Contact Information

Name: Shawna Sims

Email address: ssims@indyhumane.org

Phone number: (317) 872-5650

Website address: http://www.indyhumane.org/

Volunteer Information

Categorical listing: Animals

Mission: The Humane Society of Indianapolis is the leading voice for the welfare of animals and improving their quality of life. IndyHumane is the first choice in providing direct services for shelter cats and dogs, including adoption, foster home placement, behavior training, appropriate medical care, and affordable spay/neuter services. As the voice for the animals, IndyHumane brings together like-minded animal-focused individuals and groups to educate the public about animal welfare issues and concerns. For more than 100 years, it's all about the animals.

Volunteer Opportunities: The following opportunities currently exist for volunteers: lobby greeters, housekeeping cats and dogs, canine stress relief, matchmaking cats and dogs, monitoring the small animals room, animal medical assistance, fund raising organization and assistance, special events assistance, behavior training assistance, and foster care assistance. Take note that all volunteers are asked to purchase a $25 volunteer starter kit.

Does this agency offer internships?

Yes, unpaid.

When does this agency need volunteers?

We accept Volunteers 7 days a week in between the hours of 9-7pm Monday thru Friday, 9-6pm on Saturday, and 9-4pm on Sunday.

Distance from Butler:

Distance: 7 miles

Time: 15 minutes

Is volunteer training required?


Is a background check required?