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Horizon House

General Information

Address: 1033 East Washington Street

City: Indianapolis, IN 46202

Contact Information

Name: Laura K. Smith

Email address: laura.smith@horizonhouse.cc

Phone number: (317) 396-6356 x316

Website address: http://www.horizonhouse.cc/

Volunteer Information

Categorical listing: Homelessness

Mission: Horizon House is a full-service agency that connects our homeless neighbors with integrated, comprehensive services. We provide a safe place and basic services for our community's homeless, serving them with dignity and respect, as they take steps towards a more stable life.

Volunteer Opportunities:

--General Assistant
Horizon House's Opportunity Knocks (OK), job readiness training provides educational and training tools to assist neighbors in finding and maintaining employment. Individuals currently enrolled or those who have graduated from the week long class are able to use our computer lab for job searches, resume building, housing searches, and communication purposes. Many neighbors are not familiar with computers, and they appreciate help in answering some general questions. These questions might include how to use a specific search engine, how to attach a resume to an online application, or helping someone who struggles with literacy.

Schedule:Mon Tues Thurs Fri 7-9AM, 9-10:30AM, 11:30-1PM, 1-3PM, 3-4:30

Each day in OK, our students are taught different skills that can aid them in their job search. Everyone knows the importance of making a good impression on your interview, as it can be the deciding factor for an employer. Interviews are always nerve-wracking, so we believe the best solution is to practice. On Fridays, OK staff conduct mock interviews, however, by that point in the week the student may already be comfortable with the staff so the experience is not as realistic. We ask volunteers to provide the students with a more accurate experience. By facing their fears of interviewing with someone they do not know, in a safe environment, our volunteers are helping to set our neighbors up for a successful job search

Schedule: Friday as needed

Horizon House provides nutrition to our homeless neighbors each day. At the beginning of each shift, our staff prepares coffee and trays of bread products, peanut butter and jelly and fruit as available. Volunteers are always appreciated in the kitchen to greet our neighbors with a "Hello" and a friendly smile, while keeping coffee and food items stocked. The neighbors appreciate someone behind the counter who is willing to offer a smile and carry on a conversation. When closing the kitchen at the end of each shift, volunteers are extremely helpful in cleaning up the counter, finishing up the dishes, and preparing for the next day.

Schedule: Mon Tues Thurs Fri 7-9AM, 9-10:30AM, 11:30-1PM, 1-3PM
Wed 7-9:30AM, 10-12:30AM

We often have a lot of odds and ends jobs that we need some volunteer help in completing. This may include anything from cleaning out our cabinets in the kitchen and bleaching tables in the dayroom, to helping with administrative tasks. We also often need help in picking up leaves and trash around the building to ensure that we present ourselves as an asset to our community.
Horizon House's donation center holds clothing and toiletry items that case managers provide to our neighbors on a daily basis. To fill this need we have many groups and community members who bring clothing items to us regularly. Because the case managers see as many of 20 neighbors each day, it is often difficult for them to sort through each item in the donation center to fill a request. We ask volunteers to help us in sorting through clothing and putting it away in the appropriate place so our case managers can quickly locate items for our neighbors that will fit, and help them to feel dignified and respected.

Schedule: Mon Tues Thurs Fri - 7-9AM, 9-10:30AM, 11:30-1PM, 1-3PM
Wed 7-9:30AM, 10-11:30AM, 1-3PM

Horizon House welcomes groups of all sizes to serve with us. We can discuss a particular project you would like to complete or assign you to one of the many projects that we have identified as needs within the facility. Please feel free to contact us with a date you would like to serve and any questions you may have about your group's service.

Schedule: Flexible. In addition to regular business hours, evening and weekend projects are available. Please contact Volunteer Coordinator if interested.

Is volunteer training required? Yes, for ALL opportunities

Is a background check required? Yes, for SOME opportunities

Does your agency offer internships? Yes

Facebook: www.facebook.com/horizonhouseindy

Twitter: www.twitter.com/horizonhousein