Volunteer Center

Holy Family Shelter

General Information

Address: 907 North Holmes Ave.

City: Indianapolis, Indiana  46222

Contact Information

Name: Mary Langferman

Email address: mlangferman@holyfamilyshelter.net

Phone number: (317) 635-7830 x19

Website address: www.holyfamilyshelter.net

Volunteer Information

Categorical listing: Children, Domestic Violence, Homelessness, Hunger, Women

Mission:  We, Catholic Charities Indianapolis, are called by Gospel to support the dignity of all people. We are dedicated to provide individual and family support; elder care; and crisis relief and shelter.

We are committed to strengthening those we serve through empowerment while serving as advocates for peace & justice. We value action grounded in our faith in God; stewardship; moral and professional duty; service with care & compassion without prejudice; each person's right to self-determination, personal growth & improvement of every person's quality of life.

Volunteer Opportunities: Short term, long term, and one time small group volunteer opportunities available.

Does this agency offer internships? Yes

Does this agency require volunteer training? Yes

Is a background check required? Yes, for ALL opportunities

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/holyfamilyshelter