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Global Gifts

General Information

Address: 446 Massachusetts Ave.

City: Indianapolis, IN 46240

Contact Information

Email address: massave@globalgiftsindy.com

Phone number: (317) 466-1521; (317) 423-3148

Website address: http://www.globalgiftsindy.com/

Volunteer Information

Categorical listing: Other-Fair Trade, International

Mission: Global Gifts is a not-for-profit business committed to serving impoverished artisans and producers in the developing world by
-providing vital fair income and employment for people of limited opportunity
-marketing ethically produced and ethically obtained handmade products
-educating the public about the cultures and traditions associated with items we sell
-and helping consumers spend their shopping dollars in ways that benefit impoverished peoples around the world

Volunteer Opportunities: Opportunities vary by season and the needs of each office. Please feel free to contact us for more information about currently available opportunities.