Volunteer Center

Give Hope, Fight Poverty

Agency Information

Address: 2436 N Alabama Street
Indianapolis, IN 46278

Contact Information

Name: Annie Elble

Email: anniefightspoverty@gmail.com

Phone: (765) 532-2586

Website address: www.ifightpoverty.org

Volunteer Information

Categorical Listing: International

Mission: To foster philanthropy domestically by designing service-learning programs that engage US students & professionals with rural HIV-ravaged communities in Swaziland and work together to educate, empower and lift orphaned and vulnerable children out of poverty through education and outreach.

Volunteer Opportunities: We offer service opportunities both locally in Indianapolis and abroad in Swaziland.  The international experiences are in the form of 10-day service-learning experiences that provide students with hands-on experience in international relations working directly with orphans of child-headed households and rural education and healthcare community partners.  The local volunteer opportunities differ throughout the year. Please contact us for more information.

Is volunteer training required? No

Is a background check required? No

Does your agency offer internships? Yes

Where can we find you on Facebook? www.facebook.com/GiveHopeFightPoverty