Volunteer Center

FHL (Faith Hope and Love)

General Information

Agency Address: 8383 Craig St. Ste. 335
Indianapolis, IN  46250

Contact Information

Contact Name: Merlin Gonzales

Contact Phone: 317-578-3370
Website Address: www.fhlcommunity.org


Volunteer Information

Categorical Listing: Hunger

Mission: Food pantries redefined. Food pantry incubation, education, support and provisions. Building godly relationships with clients to meet spiritual hunger. Food pantry resource information hub for Central Indiana.
Volunteer Opportunities: FHL offers:internships, long and short term volunteerism with food pantries and office work.
Is volunteer training required? 
Is a background check required?
Where can we find you on Facebook? www.facebook.com/FHL.International
Where can we find you on Twitter? www.twitter.com/fhlintrntnl