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Address: 1125 Brookside Avenue Suite C9

Indianapolis, IN 46202

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Name: Jessica Kroymann

Email address: jkroymann@exodusrefugee.org

Phone number: 317-921-0836

Website address: http://www.exodusrefugee.org/

Volunteer Information

Categorical listing: Other-Refugee

Mission:  Exodus Refugee Immigration works with refugees - worldwide victims of persecution, injustice and war - to establish self-sufficient lives in freedom and sanctuary for themselves and their families in Indiana.

Volunteer Opportunities:

To volunteer in any of the following areas, please fill out our volunteer form. Volunteers must also attend an orientation and submit a completed background check.

Teach English: The success of resettlement largely depends on the refugee's ability to learn English.

Exodus needs volunteers to teach English classes that meet weekly for three hours. Classes are conducted at the Exodus office, community locations, and occasionally within a refugee's home. All materials and curriculum are supplied. Teaching experience and speaking a second language are not required.

Requirements: Minimum 6-month commitment. Must complete training and class observation.

Mentor an individual or family:  Mentoring an individual or family is extremely valuable because it allows them to practice English and to attain a better grasp of American culture.

There are a variety of practical skills you can teach newcomers as well. Those skills include but are not limited to budgeting, banking, grocery shopping, and getting acquainted with modern technology. Time with the individual or family can be spent at their home, at your home, and/or taking them out to experience new things in America. This is a great opportunity for families to do together, because children of all cultures find a way to communicate and become friends.

Requirements: Minimum 4-month commitment. Must be able to meet regularly with the refugee individual or family. Must be comfortable working with individuals with limited English.

Assist with transportation: In Indianapolis, transportation can be an obstacle to a refugee who is trying to establish employment or seek services across the city.

Volunteer drivers transport clients to their medical, welfare, and various other appointments. Exodus will work with the volunteer to minimize travel time. Volunteers can teach clients the IndyGo bus routes necessary for transportation to work or to other activities in the Indianapolis area. Volunteers are also needed to assist clients with obtaining a Driver's License by reviewing the Driver's Manual with them and practicing driving.

Requirements: Daytime availability. Reliable transportation, valid license, and auto insurance.

Set up a home: Each new family that comes through Exodus has an apartment set up for them before they arrive in the United States. The apartment is set up with a combination of donated items and purchased necessities.

Volunteers are needed to assist with apartment set-ups. Volunteers are also needed to collect or drop-off donations in the Indianapolis area. Donations may include furniture, household goods, clothing, and/or office equipment. Additionally, volunteers willing to organize or support donation drives would be of great benefit.

Requirements: Daytime availability. Ability to lift heavy items.

Semester- and summer-long internships are available for students interested in the following program areas: Reception & Placement, Intensive Case Management, Self-Sufficiency, English Language Training and Housing.

For more information, contact Jessica Kroymann at jkroymann@exodusrefugee.org.

Does this agency offer internships?


Is volunteer training required?

Yes, for ALL opportunities

Is a background check required?

Yes, for SOME opportunities   

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